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All of our suppliers are asked to provide tips to help brides-to-be plan their wedding. These tips can be invaluable when planning your wedding. Sort by Most Popular (as rated for by our members) or view the latest tips for an area of wedding planning you'd like advice for.

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Make the day about you and your partner don't let pressures get you down when planning the big day

Do not visit too many shops. This can often be confusing and can lead to 'too much choice' make a list of a few shops you would like to visit and stick to it, always make an appointment.

Remember years from now the money you have spent on your wedding photography will be irrelevant, but bad photographs will spoil those cherished memories forever and can never be replaced.

Try on your wedding ring about a month before your wedding, in case there needs to be any adjustments to the size. You don't want to get to the alter and discover they don't fit.

Always have a consultation with your florist.

Despite All The Technology There Is Around These Days, Having Your Photographs Printed In A Beautiful Hand Wedding Album Is The Most Pleasurable Way To View Them.

Ideally have your wedding ring made in the same metal as your engagement ring.

keep your dress search party to three or four of your closest friends and family who will give you an honest opinion.

Choose a ring that you love today and will still love in years to come - you're going to be wearing it for a long time!

"Never judge a book by its cover"- The dress on the peg that you look at and think "yuk" may just be the one?... Always Always have an open mind and go with the flow- there is a dress out there for u!

Tell your Photographer what YOU want. It's your day, make sure it's about you.

A Photographer that makes you feel relaxed and that you are comfortable with, thus bringing out the best of you on your Wedding Day.

Talk to the photographer on the phone at least before booking or sending a deposit. Just because their photos are great doesn't mean you will feel comfortable with them as people, which is essential!

Relax & enjoy your day, it will make for a lot better photos

Make sure you enjoy the day. Take time out to take it all in.

Start to think about your colour theme for your wedding before choosing your flowers , ie bridesmaid dresses.

Make sure your wedding photographer has back up equipment, insurance and a personality. A good wedding photographer will make you feel completely at ease, making it possible to capture natural images.

Book wedding entertainment through an agency to receive full financial protection and emergency support.

Get to know your Photographer. You'll be spending a long time with them on the day, it pays to be comfortable with them.

be prepared to try on a variety of accessories with your dress to give you a full look Even if you initially did not think you wanted any you may be surprised.

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