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Entertainment Tips

Make sure that your DJ will play the songs you want and not just say they will, but also remember to make sure that you let your DJ know of any songs you don't want playing.

Make sure you have a written contract with all the details contained for your day with timings, address etc.

look at reviews about the company you are searching for, we have loads on facebook and tripadvisor

Don't try and cram to much in to your day! The best weddings are always those where you and your guests get the time to enjoy the food, the drink, the entertainment and of course each other!

Pick songs that mean something to you.

Have a good ice breaker or conversation maker. There will be a lot of people there who don't know each other and having something to oil the wheels of conversation helps everyone relax.

Ensure that on at least a couple of occasions you step back breath in and look around. This is your Big Day Savour Every Moment.

Get some great pictures. There's the usual posed family pictures but when you look back most people would love to see their guests relaxed and laughing. Magic provides these moments.

Have some music during the signing of the register - it makes it a feature.

Check with your venue before booking with them. If you want fireworks the venue is critical.

Once the wedding breakfast formalities are over, just spend 20 to 30 minutes alone with each other. Go for a walk or to your room. Relax before your evening guest arrive

"Making sure that you have fun at your own wedding is the number one way to guarantee a GREAT party. If you want your guest on the dance floor you have to get on the dance floor"

Don't forget the entertainment. Getting the right dress and venue will be the first priorities (maybe after getting the right partner!) but it'll be the entertainment that provides the atmosphere.

Meet up with your DJ to ensure they understand your expectation.

When looking to book entertainment for your special day, it's wise to start planning as soon as possible (at least 6 -12 months) as the majority of the best artists are booked well in advance.

Your wedding day will go so quickly so make sure at some point during the day that you take some time out with each other to say "Hey we just got married today"

Take a pair of soft flat shoes, dance, you harden to the tiny voice beside you whining that he wants to go to bed. By the time you have heard Tune!!! for the 5th time that evening glad ya fetched 'em.

When sending out your invites, ask your guests to pick a song that they would like on the night.

Check reviews & events. Facebook reviews are a great way of seeing if a company has a reliable presence online. If they exhibit at wedding fairs, they are a 'proper' business and not a hobby.

Tell the venue that you are booking a band and ensure that it has enough space.

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