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Photographers Tips

A Photographer that makes you feel relaxed and that you are comfortable with, thus bringing out the best of you on your Wedding Day.

Talk to the photographer on the phone at least before booking or sending a deposit. Just because their photos are great doesn't mean you will feel comfortable with them as people, which is essential!

Relax & enjoy your day, it will make for a lot better photos

Make sure your wedding photographer has back up equipment, insurance and a personality. A good wedding photographer will make you feel completely at ease, making it possible to capture natural images.

Try and carve out 15 minutes on your wedding day that is just for the two of you. You will be surrounded by your love ones all day and being able to just stop and take it all in together is priceless

Know exactly what you are paying for. I have launched the Your Day Your Way Wedding Package. My clients can pick and choose exactly what they want, know what they are getting and how much it costs.

Choose a photographer that will not add to your stressful day but who will be willing to hold your lipstick if you get swept away.

This is you Wedding, Invite the people you want. Dance to the songs that brings you joy. Eat the best food you will ever have. Be the king and queen for the rest of your life.

Plan your budget well to include the best photography you can afford. Your day will be over in a flash and you want your photographers to preserve it for your entire lifetime.

Ask for an engagement shoot. Great practice for poses and helps you bond with your photographer(s) which will help immensely on your wedding day as you will feel comfortable with them.

I would always recommend a pre-wedding shoot to get comfortable with your photographer. My pre-wedding shoots are free & at them we can chat about the day itself, so everything runs smoothly.

Bring a wedding umbrella! Just incase of the odd shower, bring a white or clear umbrella. They look cool in the photographs too!

How important is the background? "Great people make great photographs, and a great background isn't essential but its well worth thinking about what you're giving your photographer to work with"

Prepare a list of all formal photographs that wish with guest names in advance of the wedding. Share with the photographer and then this part of the day can be done quickly and efficiently.

Break your shoes in! If your shoes aren't comfortable (when is fashion ever!?), then break the shoes in before hand. Alternatively, if your dress is long consider bringing a change of shoes for later.

Relax & Enjoy! Your day will pass by quickly, so be sure to enjoy every moment!

Know the style of wedding photography you like and choose a photographer who matches this style. Personally I feel every wedding is unique and match my style to match the feel of the wedding day.

Always make sure that your photographer is someone you can feel comfortable with, as being relaxed helps create beautiful natural images. I offer a free no obligation consultation before any bookings

What's the best advice you'd give to any couple getting married? "Do not scrimp on your photography budget. The photos are the lasting memories of the day, and so many couples are left disappointed

Have a make up trial before your wedding so you know how you'll look on the day

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