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All of our suppliers are asked to provide tips to help brides-to-be plan their wedding. These tips can be invaluable when planning your wedding. Sort by Most Popular (as rated for by our members) or view the latest tips for an area of wedding planning you'd like advice for.

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Make the day about you and your partner don't let pressures get you down when planning the big day

Make sure you get the wedding you want, not what the venue says you have to have.

Celebrate with close family and friends, you don't have to invite the world!

When you're looking for a wedding venue, look at reviews such as those on facebook. Hear what people that have actually got married there and experienced the service have to say!

Enjoy every second of the planning process, your day will go by so quickly so make the most of every aspect.

Enjoy every minute of your wedding day as it goes by so quickly!

Always remember it is your day so put yourself first

Enjoy your day, take time to look around and ask friends to take pictures and videos as it be over really quickly and you want to capture every memory

Always keep the children entertained ie. activity packs, bubbles, eye-spy cards - happy children = happy parents.

Your wedding day should be for you and your love for one another. Make it personal to you both and most importantly, have fun!

Write a list of questions to ask whilst you're looking round a potential venue.

Find out whether your venue has backup plans on the day. You can't always rely on the weather! And if you don't get the weather you wanted, don't let it spoil your day!

Don't let the day fly by, take your time to enjoy every little detail. It will be a day full of love and joy so embrace it!

Choose a wedding venue that has a nice outside area and garden suitable for photo's - they are something you can keep with you all your life!

Always take advantage of a free provisional hold of a date whilst you are searching for your venue

Always book a registrar before you book a venue

Before your appointment get together rough numbers to enable a more realistic quote

Choose the wedding YOU want, not what others want or expect. Every one is unique & your wedding day should be too.

Take time to enjoy the day, don't rush your timings.

Try not to stress. Remember your wedding is about you as a couple. Have faith in the team around and trust that they will do their job well! (We are experts in Weddings after all!)

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