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Top 10 Benefits to a Toastmaster

There are loads of incredible benefits to having a wedding toastmaster, and since they cost less than a wedding cake, why not?   1. A Professional, Formal Announcement First of all, you will have a certain formality about your day with a toastmaster. Having a professional announce your presence will feel so special and make […]

The History of Toastmasters

Toastmaster is a general term referring to a person in charge of the proceedings of a public speaking event, but where did this originate from?    Toasting the Greeks There a number of theories as to where the tradition of ‘toasting’ originated from. Some believe this was from the Greeks. At ancient Greek banquets, the […]

What is a Wedding Toastmaster?

If you’re looking for a wedding toastmaster for your big day, there is one big question you need to know the answer to; what is a toastmaster and what do they do? Well, you’re in luck! The experts at UKbride have answered the key questions about what wedding toastmasters actually do and the value of […]

Ultimate Guide to Wedding Costs

When you begin to plan your wedding, it can be difficult to put together a budget plan when you have no clue what everything is meant to cost! We’ve put together the ultimate guide of typical costs for a wedding, which you can use as a starting point on UKbride’s handy free budget planner… Planning […]

Five Ways to Make Your Wedding Invitations Extra

If you are as obsessed with wedding stationery as we are, this post was made for you. It’s important to give your guests a good first impression for how amazing your wedding will be, so here are five simple ways to make your wedding invitations extra…   1. Translucent/Transparent Sheet Yes, you need some paper […]

Our Favourite Plus Size Dresses

Looking for wedding dresses when you’re plus size can be tricky. It can sometimes feel like there aren’t many options out there for you. Well you’re wrong! Many designer wedding dress brands dedicate entire collections to plus size brides, so we looked at some of our favourites and put them in this article for you… […]

Guide to Wedding Dress Shopping

Here is the most extensive and the most comprehensive guide to buying wedding dresses. Full of helpful tips and advice, don’t leave the house without it. It’s 20 top tips when heading to the wedding dress shop… 1. Don’t take too many people wedding dress shopping. Remember it is your day and nobody knows what you like […]

Wedding Dress Trends 2020

Are you a fashion conscious bride looking for the latest wedding dress trends to follow before you decide on the dress? You’re in the right place! We have the very latest wedding dress trends from the latest 2020 designer collections…     The Formal Bride This is a very bold and unique look for 2020. […]

Wedding Heels vs Flats: Pros and Cons

It can be tricky to decide whether to wear beautiful – yet painful – stiletto heels on your wedding day or comfortable – yet not as pretty – flat shoes. Make the decision yourself by reading our handy pros and cons of different wedding shoes…   Heels PROS • They can be so pretty!• Heels […]

Wedding Dress Style Guide

There are so many technical terms to describe the style of a dress – it can become very confusing! UKbride has created a style guide for you to see what kind of style of dress you like and therefore what kind of style filter you know to set when searching for your dream wedding dress […]

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