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Country vs City Weddings

If you’re living in central London and you don’t know whether to have a wedding out in the country or in the craziness of the city, let us evaluate the pros and cons of both to help you decide…   Living in the middle of the city and deciding to get married is quite a […]

Wacky London Wedding Venues to Make Your Guests Go Wow!

London is filled with beautiful wedding venues and some are just crazy! From the loveliest of pubs to yachts to zoos, there are some unique places you can get married in! If you’re up for something different on your big day, choose one of these wacky wedding venues in central London…   The Yacht London […]

15 Grand London Wedding Venues

If you’re getting married right in the heart of the big city and you’re looking for a dream wedding destination, here are 15 that you will absolutely fall in love with. These grand wedding venues are any bride’s dream destination…   1. Embracing Nature If you want to get married in the heart of London, […]

9 Reasons to Tie the Knot in the Peak District

    The Peak District really does speak for itself when we advertise it as a place to tie the knot but let us reassure you with these nine reasons why the Peak District is a great place to tie the knot…   1. The Birds This sounds like a strange reason but people travel […]

10 Wedding Photo Ideas in the Peak District

If you’re getting married in the Peak District and want some inspiration to give your photographer for dreamy wedding photos, these are our 10 favourites!   1. Laughter The best shots to get are always of laughter! We love this photo taken at Hargate Hall in Buxton by Pixies in the Cellar.   2. Through […]

Eight Stately Home Wedding Venues in the Peak District

Nestled in the weaving pathways and slumbering hills of the Peak District, you’ll find beautiful manors and mansions once frequented by the lords and ladies in England’s history. Now they hold grand balls where only one lady wears a beautiful white ball gown but the events are still as grand and the venues still as […]

10 Reasons to Get Married in the Lake District

We don’t really need to tell you why to get married in the Lake District – it really does speak for itself – but if you are unsure, let us reassure you that this is one of the best places to get married in the UK! Click on any of the pictures to find out […]

5 Dreamy Lakeside Wedding Venues in the Lake District

If you’re getting married in the Lake District, a lakeside location may be your first choice. To narrow your search down and make it easier to pick the one that is right for you, we have selected five beautiful waterside wedding venues…   1. High Barn at Edenhall Estate, Penrith This stunning converted wedding barn […]

Outside Caterers vs. Venue Caterers

There are generally three options your venue will give you when it comes to catering; find your own caterer, use the in-house team or pick which option you would prefer. Here are the pros and cons for both when deciding on your venue or catering option…     Outside Caterer Pros Expertise – it can […]

Catering: Everything You Need to Know

When it comes to wedding catering, there will be things you just need to confirm in writing to avoid any confusion or issues or nasty surprises later on.   1. Special Meal Choices You need to have confirmed in writing with your caterers how many special meal choices there are and what they are. This […]

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