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Wedding Makeup: How to Get Fuller Lips for Your Wedding

You May Now Kiss the Bride! From kissing your newly-wed to posing for photos and sipping on Prosecco, your lips will be in high demand on your wedding day. Brides are no longer opting for barely-there makeup and a conservative up do – 2018’s brides are showing there is much more fun to be had. […]

Beautiful Ideas for Wedding Flowers

blooming marvellous ideas for your wedding flowers with UKbride and Interflora CREATE HEIGHT ON YOUR WEDDING RECEPTION TABLES There’s nothing worse than trying to strain your neck around an obstructive table decoration at a wedding reception. By making your floral arrangements really (really!) tall, not only will you allow your guests to see a bit […]

10 Beauty Resolutions for Brides-to-Be in 2018

Want to up your beauty game this year, in time for your wedding day? We run through the 10 beauty resolutions all brides-to-be need to follow in 2018… 1. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! If in doubt: moisturise. Keeping your skin hydrated is key if you want glowing, smooth, young-looking skin on your wedding day. Ensure you […]

10 Easy Ways to Shape up for Your Big Day

With a new year comes the inevitable resolutions, plans and goals for the year ahead. For a lot of people, these goals centre around losing weight, toning up and getting healthier, which means New Year is a great time for brides-to-be to up their game when it comes to health and fitness. Whether you’re looking […]

How to Have a Travel-Themed Wedding

If you and your partner are big fans of travelling it makes sense to have a travel-themed wedding. More and more holiday-loving couples are opting to use travel as their wedding theme, as there are just so many different ways of incorporating travel into your wedding day. Therefore, if you do decide to opt for […]

Botox Brides: Brides are getting botox just for their wedding day

There is a great deal of pressure to look as good as you possibly can on your wedding day, which makes sense, as ultimately you want to be able to treasure your wedding photographs forever. There’s the endless struggle to lose weight to fit in the perfect dress, have flawless wedding makeup, immaculate hair and […]

Should you invite your ex to your wedding?

Would you invite your ex to your wedding? According to a poll we ran on, 4% of brides would! Whilst it’s a relatively small percentage, it still shows that there are some brides who would be happy inviting an ex-love to be a part of their wedding day. Therefore, Hannah Vickers, Editor at wedding […]

Pets at Weddings: A Guide

Unless you’re planning on eloping to sunnier climes for your wedding, chances are you will want your entire family and friends around you when the day comes. And who says that can’t include pets? Having pets at weddings is more common than ever before, and if done properly can be a great way of getting […]

How to Have a Winter Wedding

There is something really rather magical about having a winter wedding. The anticipation of snow, the contrast of rich reds against stark whites, the comfort of coming in from the cold and the all-important dusting of glitter all help to make a winter wedding a somewhat ethereal affair. Winter is, after all, one of the […]

Love Quotes to Have on Display on Your Wedding Day

Weddings are all about declarations of love for one another, so what better way to celebrate that than by having some love quotes on display as part of your wedding decor? This trend is becoming more and more popular and we can definitely see why – there are so many beautiful quotes about love out […]

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