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Photography and Videography

Cool Wedding Photo Backdrops in Sheffield

If you’re looking for the perfect spot for your wedding photos in Sheffield that truly epitomises the city, we’ve put together a little list of some of our favourite places. You will look back on your wedding day and remember what a great day it was and what a great city you chose to marry […]

Dreamy Real Weddings in York

The best inspiration comes from real weddings and wedding photos from where you’re planning to get married. That’s why we’ve collected some amazing photos to get you in the wedding planning mood from some of our photographers here on UKbride…   Tim Hardy Photography can capture beautiful shots that embrace your wedding venue too!   […]

Five Amazing Newcastle Weddings for Inspiration

Here at UKbride, we figured that the best inspiration for brides to be planning their big day is simply seeing how other people did it and even better than that, seeing how other people did it in the same place you’re looking to get married! That’s why we created our ‘Real Weddings’ section for brides […]

Real Weddings in and around Swindon

It’s always good to see photos of real weddings that have taken place in the town you’re choosing to get married in. That’s why UKbride has a real weddings section! You can check it out here. In the meantime, here are some from in and around Swindon we just love…   The Wedding of Laura […]

16 Derby Wedding Photos to Get You Excited

The big day not far away? Or perhaps you’re right at the start of your wedding planning journey, still searching for a venue? Either way, if you’re planning a wedding in Derby, these shots will provide inspiration and a little bit of excitement…!   Embrace Nature These framed natural shots are so beautiful and there’s […]

Eight Derby Buildings That Make Great Wedding Photos

Derby is filled with buildings that make it a unique and interesting city, and some make really interesting backgrounds to your wedding photos and really illustrate the place you chose to get married. Here are eight of our favourite buildings…   1. Marble Hall or ‘The Rolls Royce Factory’ Yes, Rolls Royces were made in […]

Beautiful Weddings by Peterborough Photographers

Looking for inspiration for your wedding day or struggling to find a wedding photographer? Perhaps you’re struggling to decide where to get married in Peterborough? These local photographer did an exceptional job of capturing the area and the couple in each and every one of their weddings…                 […]

10 Perfect Peterborough Wedding Photo Spots

When choosing a location to get married, you don’t usually think of the photo opportunities you will get there. However, this can be really important for when you look back on your big day for years to come. Here are 10 spots in Peterborough that make it the perfect place to tie the knot…   […]

10 Incredible North Yorkshire Wedding Venues

North Yorkshire is blessed with such beauty, from the rolling hills of the Dales to the sandy beaches of Whitby and beautiful cities like York and Harrogate. It’s also blessed with an enormous variety of wedding venues to choose from. Here are 10 of our favourites…   1. Merchant Adventurers’ Hall, York For its quirkiness […]

Five Real Weddings in the Cotswolds to Inspire

Looking at Real Weddings that actually took place in the venues and locations you’re looking at getting married in is the very best inspiration you could use! Yes, that celebrity’s wedding on the beach in the Bahamas is beautiful, but so is your neighbour’s ceremony in the Cotswolds (and considerably more on budget!). Here are […]

Real Weddings in Scotland

You can spend hours scrolling through Pinterest, looking at dream weddings in magazines and admiring celebrity weddings on Instagram…but let’s face it. You may not be able to afford that kind of wedding and that’s ok! Get some REAL inspiration with real weddings in Scotland that real brides planned! From Edinburgh to the Highlands, these […]

Six Incredible Leeds Landmarks to Use in Wedding Photos

Getting married in Leeds city centre? Wanting to show off the best of the city in your photos? Here are six amazing backdrops you can use on your wedding day to always cherish the location you married in…   1. Leeds Town Hall This phenomenal building looks like something out of Rome or Greece. Leeds […]

Birmingham Weddings in Pictures

Birmingham is a beautiful city with stunning surrounding countryside which means there are some really beautiful wedding photos! We’ve collected a few from the suppliers on UKbride for you to have a look at…                           {:location_venue_hub_birmingham:}

10 Reasons to Have an Engagement Shoot

Not sure on having an engagement shoot? Well, here are 10 reasons why you should! Remember –you get a free one with UKbride!   1. It gives you the chance to get to know your photographer   It is really important to build a  good relationship with your photographer. On the wedding day your photographer […]

12 Beautiful Same Sex Wedding Photographs

If you’re a same sex couple looking for wedding inspiration, the fantastic selection of photographers on UKbride have captured gay couples perfectly, and we’ve included a few of their photos below… This beautiful confetti shot was captured by Lisa Barrie Photography. Michael Love Photography got this gorgeous photo of these two lovely ladies staring into […]

A Day in the Life of a Wedding Photographer

Curious about what your wedding photographer will get up to on the big day? UKbride has spoke to wedding photographer Tim Hardy, a UKbride supplier, to get a break down of the big day. On the day of the wedding, the first thing Tim will do is check the weather. This is very important as […]

15 Questions to Ask a Photographer Before Booking

Choosing your wedding photographer can be a daunting task especially when there are so many great photographers to choose from. UKbride have put together the top 15 questions to ask you wedding photographer!   1. What is your style of photography? This is important to ask as you need to make sure you are comfortable […]

10 Beautiful Expressions You Will Want your Wedding Photographer to Capture

It’s the tear in the eye of your grandparents, the in awe stare of your husband at the end of the aisle and the gasps of your bridal party when they see the dress for the first time that you want captured on camera. These photographers have done just that… This grandma in awe of […]

20 Funny Wedding Photos That Will Make You Smile

It’s nice to have a collection of formal photographs but the odd funny one is sure to make you giggle when you’re looking through your albums in years to come. These are our favourites from UKbride’s photographers… I think it’s the bride who is supposed to be picked up by the groomsmen..! This shot will […]

15 Photos That Prove City Weddings Are Stunning

Many couples that live in Britain’s cities decide to have their wedding on the outskirts in the beautiful countryside. Whilst this is of course a great idea, we collected 15 amazing photos from our suppliers that prove city weddings are super beautiful too! Of course the London bus shot is a staple city photo but […]

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