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20 Unique Wedding Suppliers to Book

If you’re looking to add something really different to your wedding day, you can find some really unique suppliers offering all kinds of wedding fun! We have selected 20 of UKbride’s most unique suppliers for you to browse through…   1. Personalised Cake Toppers There are people who will make little personalised wedding versions of […]

Top 10 FAQs for Toastmasters

Having a Wedding Toastmaster on your big day is such a value, but it’s important to pick the right one. We asked the English Toastmaster Garry Smith on what are the best questions to ask before booking…   1. Why should I have a Toastmaster? “You’ve probably spent large sums of money on your wedding […]

Top 10 Benefits to a Toastmaster

There are loads of incredible benefits to having a wedding toastmaster, and since they cost less than a wedding cake, why not?   1. A Professional, Formal Announcement First of all, you will have a certain formality about your day with a toastmaster. Having a professional announce your presence will feel so special and make […]

The History of Toastmasters

  Toastmaster is a general term referring to a person in charge of the proceedings of a public speaking event, but where did this originate from?    Toasting the Greeks There a number of theories as to where the tradition of ‘toasting’ originated from. Some believe this was from the Greeks. At ancient Greek banquets, […]

What is a Wedding Toastmaster?

If you’re looking for a wedding toastmaster for your big day, there is one big question you need to know the answer to; what is a toastmaster and what do they do? Well, you’re in luck! The experts at UKbride have answered the key questions about what wedding toastmasters actually do and the value of […]

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