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Wedding Venues in East Sussex

Being one of the divides of the county of Sussex, East Sussex is right on the coast of southern England. If you are looking for a wedding venue which shows of some off the best English views, then East Sussex could be exactly what you are looking for!

It has a very high percentage of sunny days, higher than most other places in the UK which could be an important factor on choosing your wedding venue. It has several impressive landmarks including Castles and wildlife parks meaning there are plenty of places for you to get the perfect wedding snaps. Not to forget the incredible archaeological finds within Hastings, overflowing with history.

East Sussex is a very quiet county, which could double as not only a wedding venue but also a quaint honeymoon location as there are plenty of charming hotels at your disposal, Eastbourne for example, if you enjoy the allure of the seaside. Any of the wedding venues listed below could be the right place for you, all of which have full contact details and features attached, including anywhere your guests can stay over.

The area around East Sussex is teeming with wildlife and footpaths meaning that it is easy to stay relaxed and calm should pre wedding jitters arise! Could this historic location be the place of your dream day?

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