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Jake & Jill - Elwood Promo

Wet day in Feb

Rebecca & Tom

Wedding July 2019

Deb & Stephen Wedding

Wedding in Sunderland July 2019 - documentary style

Prisca & Jason

Wedding in Coventry May 2019

Tracey & Andy Wedding

Andy & Tracey slideshow from their big day in September 2018 Photos by Elwood Photography

Rebecca Bridal Boudoir

Bridal Boudoir is shot as a separate session - sometimes as part of your hen party

Mel & Pat

Wedding slideshow Lincoln Sept 2018

Rachel & Marco

Wedding Glasgow Feb 2019

Wedding Highlights 2018 Part 3

Selection of images from the 47 weddings I shot in 2018

2018 Wedding Highlights Part 2

Some of the 47 weddings I shot in 2018

Elwood Photography Weddings 2018 HIGHLIGHTS Part 1

A small selection of images from some of the 47 weddings I shot in 2018