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My best piece of advice for booking a wedding photographer

Hey Guys This is follow up to yesterday with another piece of advice when booking your wedding photography. Whilst we are stuck at home Ill be sharing little tips that may help you out when making plans for your big day. Hope it helps.

Wedding Tips - How To Pick Your Wedding Photographer

In this video, I talk through what I believe to be the right process for finding and booking your wedding photographer.

Wedding Photography FAQs

In this video I cover many wedding photography frequently asked questions, I go through the most commonly asked questions about my style, my coverage, booking process, illness, insurance and many other questions.

How I started Shooting Weddings

A short video blog about how I started shooting weddings with my camera

I just got engaged. What to do next?

Congratulations. You just got engaged. Now that your tears are dry, what to do next? View the top 3 wedding planning advice from Audrey Ametis Weddings

Unplugged Weddings?

This video is about unplugged weddings - asking your wedding guests to not use mobiles, camera's, IPads etc.. during the wedding ceremony.

Wedding Photography Styles

In this video, I’m going to briefly cover a few wedding photography styles, what you should expect from these styles, how the styles will impact your day along with the pros and cons of each style.

Wedding Ideas for displaying your confetti

There's lots of fun ways to display your wedding confetti to your guests on your big day. Here's a few options we have to help you at Shropshire Petals

How to use a Confetti Cannon

Confetti Cannons are perfect for making a big entrance on your wedding day. They come filled with your choice of biodegradable petal confetti grown on the Shropshire farm. Visit online for details and to order

Keep the Children entertained at your wedding

Keep the children entertained at your wedding with these cute Confetti Wands. They come filled with your choice of biodegradable petal confetti grown on the Shropshire Petals farm.

How to use a Confetti Pop

Confetti Pops are a great finishing touch to any modern wedding. They come filled with your choice of biodegradable petal confetti.

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