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Ukulele Set

Avoid the lull during the late afternoon by giving your guests some unique entertainment

Love Me Do

Drinks reception in Marbella


Love it when a wedding guests want to join in during the drinks reception!

DJ Set

Footage from our DJ set outside at Hotel Argentina


Keeping the guests on the dancefloor during the evening reception

Hey Jude

A typical example of our evening set

I'm A Beliver

More evening reception footage, keeping the party atmosphere going!

Ukulele tracks

Promo video for our ukulele songs


Promo video of us in the studio

She's Electric

This will give you an insight into our 'late afternoon ukulele set' with this our ukulele version of this Oasis classic

Bruno La's

We understand the importance of keeping abroad range of guests happy ay a wedding, so here we have combined this early 90s classic with a modern-day hit!

Dubrovnik wedding band

We regularly play in Dubrovnik in Croatia, here is some live footage of us playing on a boat cruise during a wedding drinks reception

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