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Sex On Fire

Chemistry Band Four Piece - and a fantastic night with the 1st Battalion Scots Guards. We all believe in work hard / play hard, but these guys party like the eighth wonder of the world


Tasha is the treasure of Chemistry Band Four Piece format :) Here she is again, rocking a 21st birthday party

Sweet Child Part #1

The Chemistry Band Four-piece, with our most-requested song. So much fun performing to the amazing crowd at 1st Battalion Scots Guards

Sweet Child Part #2

The Chemistry Band Four-piece, with Part #2 of our most-requested song. Sorry Slash I’m taking some liberties here with the solo, but 1st Battalion Scots Guards don’t seem to mind :)

Let Me Entertain You

The full Chemistry Band experience - rocking out with the LWC in Warminster

Don't Stop Believing

The Chemistry Band Four-piece, and Tasha is giving it some at a 21st birthday party. We're still not sure who rocked harder - the kids or the Mums & Dads!!! :)

Virtual Properties Review

One Wedding Invitation Decorated in Three Ways

This shows how altering the ribbon colours and the embellishments changes the invitation look completely.

How To Add Diamantes to Your Wedding Stationery

How to add non hot-fix diamante rhinestones to your wedding invitations using a gem picker.

How To Make A Dior Bow

If you love Dior Bows then this method shows how to make them using a heat tool.

Wax Seals For Your Wedding Invitations

How to make your own wax seals for your wedding invitations.

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