Wedding Rings in Ashton-under-Lyne

Covering Acre, Alder Root, Alt, Alt Hill, Bank Top, Bardsley, Birks, Bottom of Woodhouses, Broadbent, Broadbent Moss, Brownlow, Burnley Brow, Busk, Butler Green, Chadderton, Clarksfield, Cockbrook, Cold Hurst, Cold Hurst Hollow, Coppice, Copster Hill, County End, Cowhill, Cross Bank, Crowhill, Failsworth, Fenny Hill, Fitton Hill, Frank Hill, Glodwick, Glodwick Lows, Greenacres, Greenacres Fold, Greenacres Moor, Greenside, Hartshead Green, Hathershaw, Hazelhurst, Hey, Heyside, Higginshaw, Higher Barrowshaw, Higher Hurst, Hollins, Hollins Green, Hollinwood, Holt Lane End, Holts, Hurst, Hurst Brook, Hurst Knoll, Hurst Nook, Lees, Leesbrook, Leesfield, Lime Side, Limehurst, Littlemoss, Lower Moor, Moorhey, Moorside, Moss Grove, Mumps, Near Barrowshaw, Nether Lees, New Earth, New Moston, Nimble Nook, North Moor, Oldham, Oldham Edge, Park Bridge, Pitses, Primrose Bank, Rhodes Bank, Roundthorn, Royton Moss, Salem, Sholver, Smallshaw, Spring Hill, Street End, Sun Hill, Taunton, Taylor Green, Thatch Leach, The Edge, Top Of Moor, Townfield, Waterhead, Waterloo, Watersheddings, Werneth, Westwood, White Gate, White Gate End, Woodhouse Green and Woodhouses

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