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We are a small family run business sourcing high-quality gemstones from Sri Lanka and are happy to tailor to your specific needs. We specialise in sapphires & can easily source semi-precious gems.

We run an intimate service with a very short supply chain. We use a few experts in Sri Lanka to source our raw gemstones from licenced mines. Our experts keep abreast of new mining opportunities and source widely but ethically. They have a few highly skilled lapidaries who cut and craft our gems to really expose their light-reflecting properties. All gemstones are assessed by the Sri Lankan gem and jewellery authority for authenticity prior to export. Sri Lankan Gemstones are some of the most well-revered in the world, in particular, their sapphires. Our stock is dynamic, however, we are happiest when asked to search high and low for a particular gemstone to suit your requirements, say a sapphire needed for an engagement ring or an aquamarine needed as the centre-stone for a necklace. Should you require a gemstone identification certificate, this is something we can apply for.

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We source Sri Lankan gemstones, in particular, sapphires. Sri lankan sapphires are some of the most highly-revered in the world alongside those from Kashmir and Burma. They are not easily encountered on the high-street. Our gems are of high-quality for bespoke jewellery pieces, engagement rings, occasionwear, heirlooms. Sapphires are hardwearing and long-lasting. They are available in a range of colours. We can source a wide array of semi-precious stones too. We are a family run business run between Sri Lanka and London, UK. We offer an intimate service and deal with a very short supply chain. Precious gemstones can be certified. We can strive to find as close a match to what the customer specifies. Don't be shy to get as specific as you like. We can set our gemstones into handcrafted jewellery at additional cost.


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UKbride Approved Supplier

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The TimelessCarat

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Sonya Jey

My passion for gemstones is a simple but personal one. The day my aunt handed down to me her semi-precious gemstone-set-necklace, was the day I realised a passion for their beauty. My grandma had passed this necklace down to her proving their durability. Precious gemstones are both beautiful, timeless and an investment to hand down through many generations. Semi-precious stones are are a way of adding splashes of sophisticated colour to jewellery and again are durable. I feel that semi-precious gemstones are so underused on the high-street in the UK and are only used by bespoke designers. Outside of my involvement with gems, I work in healthcare and am a published medical writer.