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Here's How To Arrange A Fun, Magical And Memorable Wedding Party For Your Big Day... All At A Cost That Won't Break The Bank!

This is how it can work for you...

Have a look here on UK Bride at our videos.

TIP: generally speaking give more weight to the ones that show the whole routine and much less weight to the ones that show little snippets, you have no idea what has been edited out. If you like my videos or just want to speak with the expert in the field of wedding magic then give me a call, here's what happens when you do...

I'll ask you two questions...
1. What have you got planned for your big day? It doesn't have to be booked and of course it doesn't matter if these plans change. Tell me ROUGHLY how many people, adults and children you plan to invite. Is the ceremony and the party in the same place. After the ceremony what happens to the guests. How are you serving your food. What happens after the meal. I don't need great details, just a rough outline.

2. How did you see the magician fitting into your party. (Plan A)
Let's face it, I've almost certainly been to more weddings than you. I get around 75% of my bookings from people who know me or have seen me. The chances are someone at your party will invite you and me to their party at some point in the future. The one thing I don't want for you is for you to see me do something at that future party that makes you think "I wish I had known about that before, I would have loved to have done that at my wedding" by then of course it is too late. I want you to know now.

Once you know all the option open to you, you pick the one(s) YOU want. View it like a buffet table of ideas. I put on the buffet table all the things I think will work for you based on your party plan (Q1 above). You pick off our imaginary buffet table all the things you want and leave behind all the things that don't appeal, it is your day not mine. It may be that you stick with your original plan A as in Q2 above, that's fine, it's your party. Around 10% of clients do this and I'm happy for them. The other 90% of clients hear an idea they like and hadn't thought of and that's fine too.

The ONLY thing that's right for me is what is right for you.

Here's my guarantee, you need to know this, it is important...

It is important to me that you have a truly great time on your special day, so I insist on giving you this 100% guarantee… If for any reason whatsoever, (or even no reason at all) you are not absolutely ecstatically pleased with everything I do for you, if you do not agree that I am the most entertaining magician you have ever seen, that the feedback from all your guests is numerous, enthusiastic and very positive, that my children's' show (if that is part of my performance for you) has them sitting boggle eyed and laughing all the way through.
That my Close Up “Mix ‘N Mingle” magic has all your guests engaged and talking, that my table magic is fun and of a very high standard just as you would expect from a magician who is six times Surrey Close-Up magic champion. That I am friendly, approachable and helpful, and everything goes to your complete satisfaction, then simply tell me on the day and I will cancel your bill and you will not owe me a penny. Simply put you must be 100% off the scale happy with EVERYTHING I do for you or I will tear up the contract and you will owe me nothing.

There will be no questions or hard feelings either.

This is your guarantee that everything will go just as you want it to and you have a truly fantastic time on your special wedding party day.

Once I know what is right for you I'll give you some price options and then I write you a personalised and detailed proposal giving you all the information you need for you to be able to make the right decision for you.

I understand that you don't have an unlimited budget so here's an idea to help you, but first a word of caution...

Not all magician's are the same, like everything else there are good, bad and indifferent. If you book the cheap(est) magician, the chances are you are booking an inexperienced person who has a low opinion of themselves, do you really want that for your special day?

If you like what I suggest then I can arrange some Easy Payment Terms (if it would help you) so that you can pay the vast majority of your investment in me AFTER your wedding and then in small bite size pieces if you want to. What you pay and when is largely down to you.

In short, a highly skilled, very experienced, highly qualified and fun magician, doing what YOU want, all fully guaranteed, at a fair price, and then you pay in small bite-sized pieces after your wedding.

What's not to like?

Call me ASAP on
Office: 0800-0188118
Direct: 01737-350586
Mobile: 07906-876279
and let's get the ball rolling for you. may help too.

The date you are thinking about today and will call about tomorrow, might be the same day someone else thought about yesterday and is calling today.

I look forward to helping you the very best I can, there is absolutely no cost or obligation finding out.

My very best wishes
Clive the fun magician

P.S. If you would like to read some recent client references please go here...

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Very High Standard - only 266 magicians in the world have been award The Magic Circle's highest degree. 125 five star reviews backs this up. Clive works well with both adults and children. Clive's bright red, highly professional looking outfit stands out in a crowd. Fully guaranteed, you agree he is great or he's free. Easy Payment Terms - pay most of Clive's fee after your wedding and then in small bite-size monthly payments if you wish, all at no additional charge. Clive offers lots of choices to fit in with your party, your wishes and your budget.

Top Wedding Tips

Talk to the professionals, for two main reasons A) You get a feel for what they can offer, do you like the person? B) Much of what you find out is intangible.

Sign up for my 22 Little Know Wedding Facts, they are fun and you can impress your partner and friends.

Friends and family have your best interests at heart but usually have limited experience. Professionals also have your best interests at heart but in addition have huge amounts of experience.

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Clive's Card Magic

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6 times Surrey Close Up Magician of the year
6 times Surrey Close Up Magician of the year


UKbride Approved Supplier
UKbride Approved Supplier
Promoted to Member of The Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star in January 2012
Promoted to Member of The Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star in January 2012
Over 1,100 wedding experience
Over 1,100 wedding experience

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Clair Rosenberg
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27 May 2016
We've just used Stunning wedding magic for our wedding, truly the most professional company we had came across before during and after our event, our guests are still commenting on his skills and baffled at how the tricks were done, I would have no hesitation in recommending Clive, and hope that I am able to use his services again soon.


19 Claireville Court, Wray Common Road, Reigate, Surrey, RH2 0RP

Stunning Wedding Magic

  • 19 Claireville Court
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Meet the Key Person

Image of Key Person Clive Hyams
Clive Hyams

My job is to give you a stack of ideas of the different ways you can use me at YOUR wedding. My suggestions fit well with your plans and importantly your wishes. I do not 'sell' anything. The ONLY thing that's right for me is what is right for you.