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Covering Adsborough, Allerford, Angersleigh, Badger Street, Bathpool, Bishops Lydeard, Blagdon Hill, Bradford-on-Tone, Broomfield, Charlton, Cheddon Fitzpaine, Churchinford, Clavelshay, Coombe, Coombe Bottom, Corfe, Cotford St Luke, Cothelstone, Courtway, Creech Heathfield, Creech St Michael, Cushuish, Daw's Green, Dipford, Dodhill, Duddlestone, East Combe, East Lydeard, Feltham, Fennington, Fitzroy, Frost Street, Fulford, Fulwood, Fyfett, Gotton, Ham, Haydon, Heale, Heathfield, Hele, Helland, Hillfarrance, Howleigh, Kibbear, Kingston St Mary, Knapp, Langaller, Langford, Lillesdon, Listock, Lowton, Mattock's Tree Green, Meare Green, Monkton Heathfield, Nailsbourne, Netherclay, Newport, North Curry, Norton Fitzwarren, Orchard Portman, Otterford, Overton, Park Gate, Pickney, Pitminster, Poundisford, Rowford, Royston Water, Ruishton, Rumwell, Sellick's Green, Shopnoller, Shoreditch, Slough Green, Staple Fitzpaine, Staplegrove, Stoke St Mary, Sweethay, Terhill, Thornfalcon, Thurlbear, Tone Green, Toulton, Trull, Upcott, Upper Cheddon, Walford, West Bagborough, West Hatch, West Monkton, Whitty, Widcombe, Winter Well, Woodram, Wrantage and Yarford

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