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I create friendly, fun, yet thoughtful wedding ceremonies for modern thinking couples who aren't afraid to think outside the box.

I'm hoping that you've really got the sense of what it might be like to work with me from all the rest of the information I've given here. But now this bit tells me I need to really go into detail and tell the "bride-to-be" more about what I do. So, if you're about to get wed (whatever your gender...) here's some more info: if you like the sound of what I do, please get in contact and let's book a chat for the three of us. It's super duper important that you both feel that I'm a totally good fit for you, and I won't be offended if you feel I'm not. There will be no pressure - just a good old natter over a cuppa about what your plans are so far, so you can see how I roll and vice versa because it's vital we all feel there's a match. If you do decide to go ahead (hooray!), then I'll send you a ton of wedding goodies, including a fun questionnaire, a file of awesome readings I've collected over the years, and my vow-writing guide. You'll have unlimited access to me via email, phone, WhatsApp etc over the time we're working together, and I encourage you to use me as a 'human Pinterest board', sending me ideas you're thinking about, questions, or insights into what you both get nerdy for. About 6-8 weeks before your ceremony, I'll write a first draft based on everything I've learned about you, and I'll read it to you at our next meeting. You'll have total editorial control, so we can tweak this as much as you like until you couldn't be happier with it. Depending on the venue availability, distance etc, we can have a rehearsal before the big day, which helps quell any last minute nerves or worries. Then, on the day itself, I'll turn up in plenty of time and deliver your awesome ceremony. You won't be under time pressure as I only do one wedding a day, so you can rest assured I won't be rushing you or revving my car as soon as you've said 'I do'. I'm there for you every step of the way. Want to share your journey with me? Get in touch. I can't wait to hear from you.

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Price Range
£750 - £900
None of that shoehorning your names into the same old script - your ceremony will be built around the pair of you to reflect your love story, your personalities, your interests, your beliefs... Your whole ceremony will be I've had six years of creating awesome wedding ceremonies, from intimate elopements to enormous shindigs and everything inbetween. We get to know each other well! In the run up to your wedding, we Check out my website for a blog that I am committed to equality and diversity, so when I say I I was the first celebrant to win the TWIA national award in our category, and now I am a judge for them too. I am also head of training at the Celebrants Collective.

Top Wedding Tips

This is YOUR wedding. Consciously choose everything that goes into it so it works for you and don't let other people (or tradition) dictate what you 'should' do.

Don't sweat the small stuff. Think of the best wedding you've been to - do you even remember things like the font on the invitation or the colour of the napkins? Probably not! People matter most.

Make a list of the top 10 'must haves' at your wedding. Then narrow it down to 5. When it comes to your budget, spend accordingly. Don't blow big money on a thing that's not in your top 5!


Claire conducts the 'This Morning' wedding live on TV from the Royal Albert Hall

One of the most amazing (and nerve-wracking) moments in my life so far! Backed with the awesome sounds of the Kingdom Choir, I was honoured to wed the truly lovely Shane and Sarah live on TV in the only wedding that has ever happened in the Royal Albert Hall.

Charlotte and Abbey's wedding

This pair are just scrumptious! It was such a joy to conduct their wedding, including a group ring blessing and a handfasting, overlooking Worthing beach.

Thursday Thought about wedding entrances

One of many (many, many!!) Thursday Thoughts I've done, this one is a short video talking about ideas for entering your wedding ceremony. You can find more Thursday Thoughts on my YouTube channel or on Instagram or Facebook (@creatingceremony)

Meet your celebrant!

This was a short, happy video I did for a series by the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants (of which I am a member).

Thursday Thought about 'giving away'

Another Thursday Thought, and this one's a bit of a rant!


National Winner of the TWIA award in the Celebrant category.
National Winner of the TWIA award in the Celebrant category.
Regional winner of the TWIA award in the Celebrant category.
Regional winner of the TWIA award in the Celebrant category.


UKbride Approved Supplier
UKbride Approved Supplier
Co-director, head of training (and longterm member, obvs!) of the Celebrants Collective.
Co-director, head of training (and longterm member, obvs!) of the Celebrants Collective.
Member (and former celebrant trainer), Fellowship of Professional Celebrants.
Member (and former celebrant trainer), Fellowship of Professional Celebrants.

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51 Bruce Avenue, Worthing, West Sussex, BN11 5LA

Creating Ceremony

  • 51 Bruce Avenue
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  • BN11 5LA
  • United Kingdom

Meet the Owner

Image of Key Person Claire Bradford
Claire Bradford

I'm an independent celebrant, which means that I'm not tied to any belief system. So I'm just as happy to include readings, songs, prayers or other religious content you might like as I am to reflect your love of Game of Thrones, Star Trek, Ru Paul's Drag Race or whatever else floats your boat in your ceremony. When I'm not busy 'celebranting' (which includes ceremonies for the whole spectrum of life), or training other celebrants, you can probably find me hanging out with my gorgeous husband, awesome daughters and our stinky but lovely rescue dog. We live in Worthing, West Sussex, where we have the beach down the road and the South Downs at our back, so we're spoilt rotten for amazing places to run, play and marry folk! I'm a big advocate for marriage, having got hitched over 20 years ago myself and still being revoltingly happy. However, I'm a realist and I know that the institution has many issues and is steeped in a shady, patriarchal history. I'm therefore always banging on about making your version of marriage - and of your wedding day - completely your own. Going into it with eyes wide open and with a modern mindset, not just sleepwalking into it because it's the 'done thing'. And of course, if you decide that you don't want to actually get married, we can still create you an awesome ceremony to celebrate your togetherness in some other way - I've previously had the honour of creating a 'Forevering' and also celebrating people's civil partnerships, not to mention sharing in the joy of helping couples renew their vows, sometimes many decades after they first said 'I do'! Can you tell I've got the best job in the world?!?!