The Real Wedding of Lauren & Josh

Lauren & Josh's Wedding Story

Josh I've know since as far back as I can remember. We grew up together as kids but then our families moved away and we lost a lot of contact. I was honored as you can imagine that Josh got in touch to ask if I'd shoot his wedding. They're a lovely couple, very fun, energetic, and switched on and that came through with their wedding. It was a stunning day in Early September made even more memorable due to a WWII airshow warm up happening during the bridal prep where low flying Spitfires roared overhead.
The day culminated with such a charged atmosphere as Josh, a member of a very good band and possessor of an excellent voice, took to the stage and performed a set. This kind of thing if it's done wrong can be terribly cringe-worthy, a garage band with a tipsy guitarist strumming out of time to someones voice who keeps on breaking.
Well forget that, this was Epic! Josh and his band are very talented and they've really put the work in. I've never known such an electrified or packed dance floor. It finished the day off brilliantly.

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Keythorpe Manor, Leicester Leicestershire
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