The Real Wedding of Laura & Daniel

Laura & Daniel's Wedding Story

We met though friends in 2009, whilst on a camping trip in Derbyshire. At the time Dan was living in Derbyshire, about to go travelling and Laura was living and working in Yorkshire. After four years together we decided to move in together and in 2015 we bought our first home together. In our nine years together we’ve been on a lot of adventures and felt complete when Laura’s Mum bought our pride and joy, Cavapoo Teddy, for her 30th Birthday.

After 9 years together, lots of people expected us to return from trips away engaged, so Dan wanted to pop the question when he thought Laura would least expect it. On Christmas morning 2017, Dan enlisted the help of Laura’s best friend, Teddy. With the ring box hanging from his collar, Teddy proudly ran to Laura as Dan got down on one knee. It was very emotional and intimate.

As a little girl Laura thought she knew exactly what she wanted on the big day. But when it came to it, all preconceived ideas went out the window and we planned everything together over our six month engagement. We had such fun thinking about what we wanted and our ideas, styles and tastes were perfectly matched. The main focus of our day was for it to be fun, happy and relaxed and we chose our team around that. Laura loves surprises so we didn’t want things to be too formal and over planned on the day. It worked perfectly and the day was full of excitement; the amazing venue and bridal team we had really helped us feel relaxed, allowing all thoughts to be of sheer happiness with one surprised gasp after another.

We’ve both said since we’ve never felt such overwhelming feelings of love and excitement mixed with sheer joy, as we partied with those we love most.

We often know exactly what we want, spending time thinking about what’s important to us and then going for it. We were looking for a mill or barn-type venue as it suited our rustic style and were so excited that after only 2 weeks of being engaged we were viewing and securing The West Mill. The venue was perfect for us. The spacious, quirky mill in its relaxed, quiet and quaint surroundings combined with being a no corkage venue, no hidden extras, and the freedom to do what we wanted, including having Teddy there with us on the day, really appealed to us, and on a cold and frosty January morning we just fell in love with it. The additional bonus was the Mill House; an eight bedroom, exquisitely decorated house within the grounds of the West Mill Venue. The night before the wedding Laura stayed there with her two best friends, Bridesmaids Jennifer and Amy, and her Mum Kate, it helped to make the morning so much calmer and easier and the beautiful breakfast made by the housekeepers really set Laura up for the day!

We can’t pick just one favourite part! Our top would be; how easy it all was to plan and how smoothly it all went on the day, being able to have Teddy there, oh and tying the knot!

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The West Mill, Derby Derbyshire
J S Coates Photography
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