The Real Wedding of Jennifer & Jordan

Jennifer & Jordan's Wedding Story

The Copthorn Hotel, Cardiff

with Jennifer and Jordan Moore

27th July 2017

Name: Jennifer and Jordan Moore
Reception Venue: The Copthorn, Cardiff
Ceremony Venue: St. Helen's RC Church, Barry
Dress: Perfection Bridal, Cardiff
Bride's shoes:
Bridesmaids dresses: Cardiff Bridal Centre, Cardiff
Bridesmaids Shoes: Quiz Fashion, Cardiff / House of Fraser, Cardiff
Florist: Hilary West Florist, Barry
Cake: Francesca James, Barry
Suits: Dyfed Menswear
Hair: Jodie Amner, Camarthen
Make up: Jodie Amner, Camarthen
Centrepieces and Room Decoration: Hand created by bride 
DJ: Kevin Garland, resident DJ at Copthorne Hotel, Cardiff

Tell us how you first met? Who what when where why? Give us all the dirty details.

We first met back in 2013 at a local Wetherspoons. I was out with one of my friends having a drink on a Friday night, when we bumped into a group of guys who knew the friend I was out with. Jordan was part of the group of guys and I noticed him straight away. We all sat down together and had a few drinks, which then ended up in us playing the ice cube game. This is where you pass an ice cube between you using only your mouths. When it came to mine and Jordan's turn, we ended up keeping the ice cube for longer than expected... Jordan thought he had pulled, but I had other ideas... I left the pub with someone else, even though I had already given Jordan my number. Jordan went home alone and thought he would never hear from me again. I messaged him a week later and we went out on our first date the week after.

Tell us about your first date? 

Our first date was pretty much the standard, Jordan took me to the cinema and we watched the film Parker. Jordan thinks he looks a bit like Jason Statham, and is completely in love with him so this film was perfect for him. I think we watched the first 20 minutes, as our lips were locked together throughout the whole film. I couldn't stop smiling afterward and from that moment I knew we would be seeing a lot more of each other.

When did you know he/she was the one? Was there something he/she did?

I think it was when I first met Jordan's mum, Cath. It was a Saturday night, and I had spent a few hours at Jordan's while his parents were out at a neighbours party. It was late and I was getting ready to leave when Jordan's parents came home. I could tell Cath was little bit drunk. She came in to Jordan's bedroom and saw me and Jordan sat together watching a film. She sat down on the end of the bed, where she almost fell off, and we started chatting and we hit it off straight away. From this moment I knew I fitted right in to his family. I think what cemented our relationship, was the fact that my mum loved Jordan from the first time she met him. My mum has always been quite picky with the boys I brought home so when she liked him straight away I knew I had found the one.

How did your partner propose? 

I think every girl dreams of the most romantic proposal, but when it came to Jordan, he has never been the romantic type so I never expected anything big or fancy. Saying this, I thought he would put a bit more effort into it, but he ended up proposing to me in our living room after he had been to the gym so he was still dressed in his gym clothes. Of course, I said yes, but it wasn't the big extravagant proposal I had wished for.

Tell us about your wedding? 

The most memorable part of the day was the ceremony, and the overwhelming feeling of happiness when we put the rings on each others fingers. We were both really calm the morning of the wedding, and really wanted to enjoy the day instead of worrying about things that could go wrong. We had a brilliant day, even though the weather had other ideas, we got some great photos and spent as much time together as possible. We didn't want the day to end!

Tell is the one thing you love most about each other? 

I love how Jordan is the most honest person and will truly do anything for me. We have had our ups and downs like anyone else, but he is the one that cheers me up when I'm down and knows exactly what to say when I'm being stubborn. He puts up with my mess and mood swings on a daily basis which truly takes a lot of patience! When I asked Jordan the same question, he replied with how he loves that I always think of him and I'm always there for him. I always bring home tasty treats for him from work and I cook his favourite dinners. I don't think he'd cope without me!

What’s your favourite trend for weddings right now?

We love the new trend of asking for cash instead of gifts for the wedding. We really wanted an amazing honeymoon, one to remember, and to have this we thought the only way would be to ask for money instead of gifts. Our guests liked this idea because it meant they didn't have to get us something that we probably wouldn't use.  We also love the trend of having a photobooth at the wedding. We had some amazing and silly photos of all our guests that we didn't get from the professional photos.

What inspired your décor or theme?

I have an obsession with butterflies, our house décor is inspired by butterflies so I thought why not have a butterfly themed wedding as well! I had a butterfly hair piece, bracelet as well as butterfly themed invitations, centrepieces, favours, cake etc.

What’s one thing you wish you would have known earlier in regards to planning?

How stressful it is! I think people tell you how stressed you will be, but it doesn't come anywhere close to the actual stress you go through. The month before the wedding we had quite a few things going wrong, from scaffolding going up outside our venue, to guests dropping out of the day and night. Jordan and I have never argued more than we did that month before, but it was all worth it in the end and we couldn't be happier.

Besides getting married - what’s the one thing you are looking forward to on your wedding day?

Spending the whole day with my husband, close friends and family. It's not everyday you get to see everyone in the same place.

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Copthorn Hotel, Cardiff Monmouthshire
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