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From the My Leads page you can select how you would like to target leads for your business’ requirements. You can choose 'All Standard' leads, this is a random selection of brides closest to your wedding business. You can choose 'All Targeted' leads, these leads are based on when brides are getting married, their budget and number of guests,  all of them will be in your chosen area.


Targeted Leads are really useful if your business knows your targeted audience, ie: you may sell Budget Wedding Dresses and therefore see no advantage in targeting weddings where the couple are thinking of spending over £30,000 on their wedding (chances are that that bride will be choosing a more expensive dress). You may be a Stationery business and may wish to target weddings who have loads of guests. Or you may know that your clients book your service circa one year prior to their wedding! Targeting your leads can mean that you may not get as many leads as your capping, so if you want as many leads as you can have and don't care about targeting then choose All Standard. Targeted Leads will still all be in your chosen catchment area!


Choose Standard leads if you don't really care too much about the bride, so long as they are getting married at some point in the future (even those who may not be getting married for 3 years for example). If you have your leads capped (ie: restricted), then Standard Leads gives you the best chance of having as many leads supplied as possible up to your capping. Standard Leads will still all be in your chosen catchment area!


First select the quantity of months before the members wedding date, eg: 9 months. If you are a stag and hen company, for example, you will know that brides are usually focused on booking their hen night nearer her wedding day. If you are a photographer 46.8% of our members told us they will book their photographer 6 months before her wedding date. 59.8% of brides said they will book their venue one year in advance at the latest. If the time the brides get married is not important to you choose random.


Then, if it’s important to you, select the wedding budget. Here you can choose more than one box, so if you are interested in brides who are spending more than £10,000 on their wedding; choose the yellow, lime green, green and grey boxes. Here is a good guide, we asked 234,290 brides-to-be how much are you spending on your wedding, all of them answered and here are the results, £0-£10,000 - 57.25%, £10,000 - £20,000 - 38.12%, £20,000 - £30,000 - 3.55% and £30,000+ 1.01%. It’s important to be aware that if you choose the ‘Top End’ weddings then you may only receive a very small quantity of brides each month! Again if the budget is not important to you, choose random


Again, if it’s important to you, select the quantity of guests who are going to the wedding. You can choose more than one box just like the previous two choices. This is useful if you sell stationery for example, so you can target large weddings as opposed to expensive weddings (although they do usually go hand in hand)! If quantity of guests is not important to you it’s best to choose random as this will mean we can supply many more leads to you.

MIXTURE - Supply My Leads

Finally, you need to choose ‘Random’, ‘All Standard’ or ‘All Targeted’. Standard Leads are a random selection of leads in your area. Targeted leads are as described above (where you can choose the three different wedding criteria rules). And Random is a selection of Standard and Targeted leads. When you have selected how you would like your leads click on the ‘Update’ button.


However you choose to have your leads we will aim to not supply the same leads twice. You can change your targeted leads whenever you wish and as many times as you wish. You can choose to have All Standard leads one month and All Targeted the next month, you can also choose to have a mixture of the two ways, this will mean that you will have 50% of each variety.


Sometime our clients accidently lose the leads we have supplied to them. In this section you can download leads we have already supplied to you. We hold your leads for a period of one year. Simply click on the link to download.

To ensure you receive your leads via e-mail please add [email protected] to your safe senders list.


Listen we take After Sales very seriously, if this is as clear as mud to you, give us a call on 0800 112 3 112, and will explain this very clearly to you not using 'techno babble!'

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