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My business is to ensure All Women can wear whatever they want wihtout restrictions due to the size of their breasts and to finally bring a product to market that works for us big breasted women

All Women Ltd are a UK based company, located in North Yorkshire. We sell our own, unique designed, adhesive bras, designed by a woman for women with larger breasts or breasts that suffer from sagging.

For too long, I feel that larger breasted women have been somewhat neglected by the adhesive bra market, although there are products out there that make many claims, sadly the end result is not acceptable. Either you are left feeling uncomfortable and nervous that the bra will not last the evening or you are left with slightly altered shaped breasts, that do not look natural at all. With this in mind I set to work designing a bra that would not only lift the breast but also secure them in the chest area where they are.

After having my children, I noticed that my breasts had gone from a DD to a G cup, and, with the weight loss, post children and the natural sag of my breasts, the current products available didn't help.

I like to wear halter neck tops, backless tops/dresses and corset style tops. Sadly, with my breasts, I found that I was either in pain (halter neck straps on my neck dug in) or restricted to wearing tops with sleeves to accommodate my breasts, this I felt was terrible as I should be able to wear what I like without suffering from being uncomfortable.

Looking at the current products available, I realised the common design fault was that they are trying to either "pull" the breasts up or squash them together with a bit of string or clasp, this results in very odd results for me personally.

To "pull" something up, you are working against gravity and making it harder to achieve and to squash breasts together to form a kind of lift only results in the breasts being miss-shaped and the wearer being uncomfortable.

One thing a woman wants to feel when going out is her best. She wants to be able to put an outfit on and forget about it, not be panicking all evening about straps showing or if she looks "lop-sided".

With this in mind, I have created the worlds first strapless, backless adhesive bra that gives both lift and security for ALL breast sizes, allowing the wearer peace of mind to feel amazing, and in turn look amazing - the most beautiful woman in the world is one with confidence.

From making my first design to now, I have been able to create not only a complete bra, the butterfly, but also individual cups, the tulip, both bras offer the same only the Tulip bra allows the wearer to wear a very low cut scoop top/dress.

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£55 - £55
Over 7 years in development Specifically to cover U.K. D cup to K cups Free U.K. delivery Based in the U.K. Made to high standards with recyclable materials Approximately 100 uses if you maintain it correctly, the directions are on the site

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Due to the covid-19 situation, we are unable to get our product with the import restrictions, but we are offering our bras at £30 during the pandemic under the proviso the bras will not be delivered until after the pandemic has passed

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The Butterfly Adhesive Bra Fashion Show Leeds 2021

Catwalk snippet of Simply Ladies Inc fashion Show, Leeds, 25th September 2021


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UKbride Approved Supplier

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28 Neville Crescent , Skipton, North Yorkshire, BD23 3RH

All Women Limited

  • 28 Neville Crescent
  • Skipton
  • North Yorkshire
  • BD23 3RH
  • United Kingdom

Meet the Owner

Image of Key Person Amanda Smyth
Amanda Smyth

As a large breasted woman with two children, I designed this adhesive bra, as I found all others available did not work for me! I spent over 4 years perfecting my design, ensuring my product works on the women that need the extra help so we can have the freedom to wear whatever we want, without compromising