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Nicolas Challenor Photography is a wedding photographer based in Leicester, East Midlands. With over fifteen years of experience in the industry,

Nicolas has honed his skills and can create beautiful compelling images. He will take an artistic and photo-journalistic approach to your special occasion, tastefully capturing your candid moments as your day unfolds naturally. Nicolas can expertly combine his filmmaking skills with photography to bring your photos to life. Nicolas Challenor Photography will endeavour to document your genuine emotions so you and your loved ones can cherish your memories for years to come.

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£400 - £1500
Based in Leicester, East Midlands, Nicolas Challenor Photography creates beautiful images that tell a compelling story. The best way to describe Nicolas’s style is by referencing what others have said - emotional, energetic, and timeless. His love for photography grew from his filmmaking background. He has accumulated over 15 years of experience in the photography and film industry. Nicolas combines his knowledge of moving image and visual storytelling by capturing the essence of your special day. Witnessing people coming together, seeing a loved one embrace one another, and preserving those joyful moments for you is what he does. Nicolas Challenor Photography offers a variety of wedding packages depending on your individual needs. His complete package contains a full-day coverage, a choice between a pre-wedding engagement shoot or a premium quality photo album, a wedding montage slideshow with music, professionally edited high-resolution and social media optimized images and more.

Top Wedding Tips

When posing your bride, turn the body away from the light and turn the face towards the light for a beautiful quality of light.

Before capturing the image make sure the client breathes through the mouth as to avoid the pouting look.

If shooting on a harsh sunny afternoon, with no shade in sight, have the photographer stand in the apex of the shadow of the subjects, thus eliminating unattractive overhead lighting.


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UKbride Approved Supplier

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Fairfield St, Wigston, Leicestershire, LE18 4SL

Nicolas Challenor Photography

  • Fairfield St
  • Wigston
  • Leicestershire
  • LE18 4SL
  • United Kingdom

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Nicolas Challenor

About Nicolas Challenor My love for photography initially grew from my experience within filmmaking. I studied filmmaking at the University of Bolton, but what I really began to understand in the film world was how photography was the essence of the picture. Film is moving image, and the only way to understand visual storytelling is to delve into the depths of what makes a great picture. This intrigue grew early on with landscapes. Masters such as Ansel Adams, Bruce Percy, and Michael Kenna showed me the power, energy and timelessness of a photograph. As my interest in photography grew so did the different genres I wished to experience. It wasn't long before portrait photography and event photography became a strong interest to me. I strive to captivate the elegance of a person, allowing them to be seen as their best version of themselves. Capturing moments, this is the soul of it all. Witnessing other peoples joy, and being able to save that moment for them for an eternity, is extremely rewarding. Timing is integral, but being able to understand light and modifying it to create a depth and mood is an important element to what I do. Living back in Leicester I now do various types of photography, from portraits to events, and can be hired for private or commercial use. Witnessing people coming together, seeing a loved one embrace one another, and capturing that split second is what I do. My love for creating a beautiful image and telling a compelling story stems from my background and passion for film, and as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. My Style The best way to describe my style is by referencing what others have said. Emotional, energetic and timeless. My goal is to give clients beautiful, artistic, and energetic photographs, whilst keeping the experience light and enjoyable. I work hard to give individual attention to all of my clients, respecting their wants and needs whilst continuing to deliver the best attention to det