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Wedding Forum - Worried about matching accessories with...

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    • LauraH813
      Posted: Oct 12th 2016
    So I have had my dress at home a few weeks now and today was the first day I have tried on. My dress is the same size as the sample I tried however when I went to my appt I was 10lb lighter than I am now. I suppose then it shouldn't have been a surprise that today the dress wouldn't zip up. Not even close.
    My weight has always yoyo'd and I have a year to lose enough for it to fit but still it has left me slightly depressed.
    On top of this my veil arrived yesterday and having seen it against the dress it definately has to go back. My dress is Ivory but to me it did look quite white. Well as soon as the veil was near it it looked almost yellow! I know they say to avoid lighter shades with ivory dresses because of this effect but I hadn't realised it would look that bad.
    All I keep thinking now is that are people going to look at my dress and think it yellowy and dirty looking :(
    Obviously I will change the veil but am worried now that nothing will look right.
    Then there's the bolero. My dress is strapless but I hate my arms and have seen a gorgeous [email protected] lace bolero I want to buy but worried this will have the same effect.
    Sorry to prattle on. A veil and bolero are such important finishing touches to me and now I'm concerned I might not be able to have either coz they will make my beautiful dress look dirty.
    Has anyone else struggled to match accessories to their dress?
    • StaceyH989
      Got married 3 years ago
      Posted: Oct 13th 2016
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    Hi Laura,

    Congratulations on finding the dress, first of all do not panic about the size of the dress alterations can always be made to it.

    If you are worried about your accessories the best way to think about it is you are finding accessories to compliment you in the dress.As the place where you brought the dress from to supply you with a small swatch of the fabric and then use this to match up the veil and the bolero as you will be able to see the colours of the material against each other.

    I hope this helps : )
    • FutureMrsW
      Got married 4 years ago
      Posted: Oct 17th 2016
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    Don't worry about your dress looking dirty or yellow, on the day it will look like a stunning white gown compared to the other guests and natural backdrops!

    But if you are ordering accessories online make sure you opt for 'ivory' rather than white, otherwise it will clash like this veil did :) as suggested you may be able to get a fabric sample you can take with you when shopping x

    • InDreamland
      Got married 8 years ago
      Posted: Oct 18th 2016
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    • HopeMelissa90
      Got married 34 months ago
      Posted: Oct 18th 2016
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    Don't panic :) Stressing is the worst thing you could do. Whilst you are in a negative mind set everything you look at will be disappointing. Positive thoughts girl.

    Why not take your dress to a shop that sell the accessorizes you want and try them on with you dress, or compare with your dress. You don't have to buy them there and then but at least you can see what you think goes with the dress. You can then go ahead and look online with a picture in mind :)

    Hope this helps and good luck x
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