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    • LolaL60
      Getting married in 25 months
      Posted: May 10th 2020
    I'm just looking for some advice? I have a tight budget for the wedding.
    I have 3 bridesmaids, and I am willing to buy the bridesmaid dresses, however the topic of hair, makeup, nails, tanning and accessories has come up.
    Am i supposed to pay for all of this? I don't have a big enough budget for everyone to have everything, but I also feel bad as its for my wedding?
    Has anyone else been in this situation, what did you do?
    Please help
    • HannahM7186
      Getting married in 4 months
      Posted: May 18th 2020
    I'm new here but I'm planning my second wedding and so many times a bridesmaid!
    I think it's totally acceptable to not be expected to pay for everything. They can do their own makeup/tan etc anyways, and nails you would never expect the bride to pay for! That's just good personal care! The only thing that possibly you may need to pay for is the hair, especially if you want them all to have it done by a professional and/or its not an easy style... But if you're happy for a laid back look then they can just have their hair how they usually wear it, and problem solved!
    I am paying for hair & makeup to be done for my bridesmaids on this wedding, but the last one I didn't pay for any, we got a friend in to help with the hair, and it was just me with a professional makeup artist! No one wore tan, and they can wear whatever accessories they want, and god only know what they had on their nails - I'm confident I didn't care! ;)
    I hope this helps. Remember it's your day, your bridesmaids soul responsibility is to support you, and if that means by doing their own hair, and painting their own nails - then so be it!
    Congrats by the way!
    • LisaB222
      Getting married in 8 months
      Posted: May 19th 2020
    I honestly don't think you need to pay for everything, especially as you have got the dresses etc. I have been a bridesmaid countless times for brides who have asked me to put half towards the dress, asked if I wanted to have my hair done, brides who I have asked me to buy my own shoes etc.

    If you had to choose one thing to pay for then I would go with the hair especially if you want a certain style and then maybe an accessory like a bracelet for them to wear on the day as a present but it doesn't have to be expensive.

    I am getting my bridesmaids dresses, hair, accessories and also accommodation for three nights, so then I had to ask them to pay for their makeup as my MUA is pretty expensive. I decided to give them the choice and I was surprised that all of them was happy to pay the price.

    I wouldn't stress about it, do what works for you and your bridesmaid will understand.
    • ChristinaB25
      Getting married in 27 months
      Posted: Sep 10th 2020
    Your best bet to manage modern marriage costs is to divide things as comfortably as possible between both sets of parents and the couple. A third each is a natural place to start, but sometimes one side is more financially able than others in which case it’s perfectly fine to shift things around a little.

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