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Wedding Forum - Where to find dress like this??...

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    • EmilyL82
      Getting married in 8 months
      Posted: Aug 27th 2020
    Hello everyone, I’ve found a designer I love but unfortunately her dresses aren’t stocked anywhere in the UK. I can’t add a picture but the designer is Fabienne Alagama, dresses are Mazarine, Malesherbes and Takamaka. Have you seen any similar? Any help would be much appreciated. X
    • Itsjustkay86
      Got married 7 months ago
      Posted: 4 days ago
      Just marriedBadgeBadge
    Look into Pronovias and Justin Alexander?
    • NoraA
      Getting married in 7 weeks
      Posted: 14 hours ago
    There are many online stores from you can easily find it, if its hard for you to take out time and find online then go to boutique nearer to your house, show them pic tell them you want similar design like pic, they will make for you easily.
    its the most easiet way to make a desirable wedding dress, if you have time to contact Malesherbes, he is a best designer, he is also making my wedding dress.
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