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Wedding Forum - When to start planning may 2022 wedding??...

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    • WendyO64
      Getting married in 15 months
      Posted: Jan 2nd 2021
    Hi, I'm getting married in May 22 and with this covid malarkey, am feeling lost as to when to start trying dresses on, finding shoes, bridesmaid consultations etc.
    I'm pinteresting my arse off but not actually doing anything else. I know its still yonks off but I'm excited
    • Arrietty
      Getting married in 20 months
      Posted: Jan 3rd 2021
    Hi there,

    I'm hoping to get married Oct 2022 and like you, I'm itching to get started! With the restrictions it's difficult though, I haven't been able to see any venues yet, but have lots of ideas saved.
    • WendyO64
      Getting married in 15 months
      Posted: 4 days ago
    Hi Arrietty
    I've booked my venue & photographer and that's it.
    I guess we'll all be rushing out when lockdown is over. I'll feel better when my dress is sorted.
    Good luck with it all
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