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    • JennyA16
      Getting married in 2 weeks
      Posted: Feb 16th 2020
    I was wondering if you are getting married in a venue rather than a church do you wear the vale over your face or just at the back? What has everyone else done thanks :)
    • KerriR86
      Posted: Mar 4th 2020
    Hi Jenny,

    I haven't got that far with my wedding planning yet, i'm still deciding on a venue. But my friends who have got married (1 got married in a church and the others in an old barn) have all had veils, but their veils were not covering their face.

    I think its just people's preference, but take note that if you have the veil covering your face, and once the ceremony has been held the veil is pushed back, and your hair will be completely hidden by the veil, not unless you remove the veil afterwards, or have your bridesmaids un clip it and re clip in in your hair so the top part of your hair inst covered.

    Personally for me, if i chose a veil, it will be clipped into the back of my hair, not covering my face.
    • AlexL100
      Getting married in 1 month
      Posted: Mar 29th 2020
    My dream has always been a wedding on top of some beautiful valley with a beloved young man, nothing better, I could not even dream of. I hate things like veils, but this is a mandatory step, as traditions oblige them to wear. When I found my young man, he did everything for me, except for the dress that I bought on. The dress was a masterpiece and everyone liked it thanks this site LINK REMOVED and especially my fiancé. So, as I wanted, my wedding was among beautiful views, we even rode in a balloon!
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