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    • HelenB936
      Getting married in 5 months
      Posted: Jan 22nd 2021
    Hello fellow Brides,

    I am meant to be getting married this year (last year was postponed) so I feel any of you in a similar situation, hoping you all get to have your special days!

    I am doing some research for a course I am on and its all about wedding planning, I don't want to just go with my own experience, so if there is anyone who is up for a chit chat about how its all going please reply and perhaps we can arrange a call!

    I am looking at the actual wedding planning itself, how to organise without paying for wedding planners! Its such a big event with so many aspects. It amazes me how people with no experience in events can put together such a big day. So I really interested in how people go about planning and what they use to organise!

    Would love to hear from anyone about this!
    • KayleighM275
      Getting married in 2 days
      Posted: Mar 17th 2021
    I'd be happy to answer any questions about how I've found the planning, though only through this forum/messages or via email, not by phone.
    • VictoriaA25
      Got married 4 months ago
      Posted: Mar 20th 2021
      Just marriedBadgeBadge
    When I was doing a degree in Events Management the teacher said that often those who wanted to be wedding planners were hoping for a creative role but the brides usually have their own vision and you are there to make that happen. If you are looking at it as a creative avenue, there is some of that, but more of the role will be managing spreadsheets, accounts, logistics and suppliers. You will, as the wedding planner, need to handle any emergencies that come up and have the buck stop with you and potentially have stressed / angry brides for customers, so it can be stressful. But if that sounds like what you were expecting than go for it! That said, I changed my degree course after a year as I realised that was not the life for me so I don't mean to put you off, just sharing from my admittedly bias perspective.

    Due to Covid I have actually planned my wedding a few different times now... so if you want to message I am happy to share my experiences too :)
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