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    • HelenB936
      Getting married in 10 months
      Posted: Jan 22nd 2021
    Hello fellow Brides,

    I am meant to be getting married this year (last year was postponed) so I feel any of you in a similar situation, hoping you all get to have your special days!

    I am doing some research for a course I am on and its all about wedding planning, I don't want to just go with my own experience, so if there is anyone who is up for a chit chat about how its all going please reply and perhaps we can arrange a call!

    I am looking at the actual wedding planning itself, how to organise without paying for wedding planners! Its such a big event with so many aspects. It amazes me how people with no experience in events can put together such a big day. So I really interested in how people go about planning and what they use to organise!

    Would love to hear from anyone about this!
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