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    • CommentAuthorDebbieF916
      Posted: Apr 14th 2019
    I'm going to be a bride in 2021 and yes I will be nearly 52 years old. I'm losing interest in wedding fairs. Does anyone else have this problem where the stalls ignore and beg over the younger brides caked in makeup? I don't look my age I've been told I look 10 years younger and I'm not a big makeup wearer. I've now nearly booked everything but still have few more bits to do like my dress, partners suit, invites, and finishing touches. But how can I feel comfortable going to the bridal displays when they have no Interest in me? Can anyone help? Or give me advice. Thanks
    • Itsjustkay86
      Got married 18 months ago
      Posted: Apr 16th 2019
      Just marriedBadgeBadge
    I just wouldn't bother. I went to one wedding fair, found a photographer and a cake maker that i liked and did the rest myself. I just asked my venue if they had any recommendations and went with what they advised after researching them. Go to open evenings at your venue, the suppliers they use are normally trusted and well respected. Thats how ive done my wedding in anyways :) Good Luck!
    • CatherineM213
      Getting married in 23 months
      Posted: Aug 14th 2020
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