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    • StaceyD108
      Getting married in 2 months
      Posted: Mar 25th 2021
    Me and H2B only have our venue for 8 hours for our wedding and 2 hour preparation (original we had all day use).
    I need some advice on scheduling the day.
    Everything is held at the same venue, we can go to the venue at 12, the ceremony is at 2pm but everything has to end by 10pm. Everyone and everything has to be off site by 10.30pm or we will be fined. We getting married in Autmun due to being postponed its a fact to consider when thinking about photos. We having 3 course sit down meal for 52 guests recommended 1 and hour to 2. We also got a hog roast on the evening as we have 100 more guests coming original at 7pm. Other then the ceremony, its all in the same room.

    Can anyone help me with the schedule?
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