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Wedding Forum - Upset with friends...

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    • Donna4823
      Got married 4 weeks ago
      Posted: Nov 4th 2019
      Just marriedBadgeBadge
    So we got married last month and it really was a perfect day, everything went smooth with no stress or issues. The main problem I am facing now is weird post wedding blues, mainly over the actions of my so called best friends. My MOH was amazing and cant be faulted but I had 4 other best friends there who didnt take any photos at all. I remember attending their weddings and having so many stunning photos which I use to frame or post at anniversaries etc. It makes me feel like they didnt really care about our special day and I didn't feel the love from them on the run up to our wedding, there just didnt seem to be any general excitement about it. Am I being an idiot?! My husband and I had the best day and the main thing is we love each other and got married for us but this started to bother me after attending my friends babys 1st birthday party, they all took photos and posted them on FB the next day, noone done that after our wedding. Why am I feeling like this?!
    • LauraN79
      Getting married in 4 months
      Posted: Jan 10th 2020
    I know I struggle at weddings to take photos. Your dress may not have pockets or you may put your handbag down on a table and not want to go back to get it.

    Were they your bridesmaids? Did they have pockets and/or handbags for easy carrying of their phones. You say they took lots of pictures at a birthday but have they done that at other weddings or did you take the photos?

    Is it possible you're fixating on them when you're sad the day is over and don't know what to channel your organisational energy into now?
    • Itsjustkay86
      Got married 13 months ago
      Posted: Jan 13th 2020
      Just marriedBadgeBadge
    No photos is usually a sign of a good wedding! I barely took any photos at my cousins wedding in the summer and it wasn't because i wasn't enjoying myself. It was because I was having such a good time that i didn't take my phone out of my bag to capture anything because i was so in the moment. Which is a bit of a con for the bride and groom because their photographer was their friend and he wasn't very good and nobody took a lot of pictures because we were all having fun which sucks for them but memories are far more precious.

    I think you've got post wedding blues. I'm dreading getting that and I know i will. But honestly, see if as a good thing about the lack of pictures!
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