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    Hi everyone!
    Myself and my partner have been engaged for just over a year and I'm at that point where I want to start making some proper plans although I am now unsure of what I want! We have recently moved to the Isle of Wight, where my family live, my partners family and all of our friends are back in Lancashire where we are from originally. I'm estimating we'll have around 40 guests at our wedding, as it'll only be family and very close friends, so I'm wondering what to do! First option is a church wedding but then I don't see the point in having a reception afterwards with not many guests. My other option is to wait afew more years to get married, and by then myself and my partner will have made a lot more new friends where we live and we can have a good reception with a lot more people. I know it isn't about how many guests you have, and at first it didn't bother me about only having a very small intimate wedding, but a lot of my friends have got married recently and they've had the big church/venue wedding with tons of guests, it just makes me feel abit pressured to keep up with everyone else (as silly as it sounds)
    • MichelleC961
      Got married 3 years ago
      Posted: Aug 28th 2016
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    What about having it back in Lancashire? Where all family and friends are?

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    • clair
      Got married 5 years ago
      Posted: Aug 28th 2016
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    It really depends on what you want, if you are happy with a small wedding then go for it! Don't worry about the reception Bernini small. You can hire out the local village hall of community centre and have a reception in there I'm sure it would be lovely :). But it you want a bigger wedding and happy to wait a few years then that's fine too... Go with what your hart it telling you, you don't want to regret it. X

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    • Elinor Claire
      CommentAuthorElinor Claire
      Got married 6 years ago
      Posted: Aug 28th 2016
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    I really wouldn't delay your wedding just to get a few more guests. Don't compare your wedding to your friends' weddings, it's about what you want not about competition. If you have church wedding, depending on the church you could have a small wedding breakfast at the church or in the church hall. The Anglican Church that my husband attends has hosted a couple of small weddings where the front half of the church has been used for the ceremony, and the back half set up with tables and chairs for a meal afterwards. Some churches have really flexible spaces. You could have a meal together and have speeches, they still work well with a small congregation. Then if you want a big party, have a renewal of vows or anniversary celebration when you know a few more people.

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