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    • Emily17
      CommentAuthorEmily17Got married 11 months ago
      CommentTimeOct 7th 2017
    So it’s 4 am on my wedding morning. I’ve been up since 3 with my eyes firmly shut. I thought it was closer to 5/5:30 but no.

    I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone on the for their love and support in the run up to today. Not sure what I would have done without you all. Xx

    My MOH and mom later everything out for me. My garter has my old new borrowed and blue in it. Mom stitched her wedding ring on it and my nans eternity ring. And my dad purposely bought be a sixpence from his birth year. Both very special xx Mom also treated us to matching pjs and dressing gowns xx

    Thank you all once again and see you on the other side xxx

    Met in 2009
    He proposed Jan 2014
    Will become Mrs P 7th October 2017
    • Glitterfairy
      CommentAuthorGlitterfairyGot married 5 years ago
      CommentTimeOct 7th 2017
    Have a wonderful day today Emily, enjoy absolutely every moment of it as it will go so quickly. See you again as a Mrs. x

    Our wedding day - 6 October 2012

    • Tiffany
      CommentAuthorTiffanyGot married 7 weeks ago
      CommentTimeOct 7th 2017
    Have an amazing day Emily. Huge congratulations x
    • InDreamland
      CommentAuthorInDreamlandGot married 5 years ago
      CommentTimeOct 7th 2017
    GOOD LUCK EMILY!!!! Hope you have an amazing day!

    Can't wait to see the pix and read all about it xxx

    Married the love of my life on Saturday 11th May 2013 xxx
    Had our dream perfect honeymoon in Hawaii!

    Oh how lovely and so thoughtful. Hope you've had an amazing day, can't wait to see some photo's.

    Met: 2nd September 2012
    Engaged: 3rd January 2015
    Wedding day: 2nd September 2017
    • CamilaL
      CommentAuthorCamilaLGot married 9 months ago
      CommentTimeOct 7th 2017
    Wishing you an amazing day! Hope you're having fun X
    • NicoleW665
      CommentAuthorNicoleW665Got married 12 months ago
      CommentTimeOct 9th 2017
    aw that's lovely Emily, i hope you had the most perfect day x

    When we met: August 2009
    When we announced engagement: December 2015
    When we will get married: September 2017
    • StaceyH989
      CommentAuthorStaceyH989Got married 3 months ago
      CommentTimeOct 9th 2017
    Congratulations Emily! I hope your day was all you wished for!!
    • KathleenO17
      CommentAuthorKathleenO17Got married 3 months ago
      CommentTimeOct 10th 2017
    How thoughtful to add the rings. Hope you had a lovely day Emily, congratulations! x
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