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Wedding Forum - Table top ideas and real or fake...

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    • LauraR313
      Getting married in 16 months
      Posted: Mar 3rd 2021
      Is poweruserBadgeBadge
    I am seriously struggling with table top ideas ,as well as, whether to have real flowers or not. What's everyone's opinions on real or fake flowers? Also having a debate on what kind of table top decorations to have :( We were going Rustic but some of the pictures I have seen and googled look nice and romantic. Any tips/advice would be greatly appreciated
    • KarenD454
      Got married 11 years ago
      Posted: Mar 3rd 2021
      Just marriedBadgeBadge
    I guess there’s pros and cons to both real and fake flowers! Pro of fake is you can keep the arrangements after the wedding to display around the home, pro for real flowers is the scent. Personally I think I’d go real but it really is personal choice! I had balloons at my wedding and diamonds and confetti on the tables xxx
    • KayleighM275
      Got married 2 months ago
      Posted: Mar 17th 2021
      Just marriedBadgeBadge
    I think fake flowers are nice as long as they are a good quality. Personally I prefer real flowers because of the smell and they look prettier to me and I don't like plastic, but I wouldn't judge someone else for having fake ones, some of them can look really realistic.

    How are you laying out your dining tables? Is everyone sitting on long benches or circular tables?

    I think do something to match the other tables but make it obvious that it's the top table.
    For my wedding everyone is on circular tables but the top table is a rectangle at the head of the room (so when people make speeches they dont have their back to anyone). Its obvious which one is the top table but if we were all sitting at circular tables I would have extra flowers or candles or something to make that specific table look a bit more WAW. Have you looked on pinterest?
    • VictoriaA25
      Got married 6 months ago
      Posted: Mar 20th 2021
      Just marriedBadgeBadge
    I think it comes down to personal opinion but for me real flowers are nicer as the test of a good fake flower is if it looks real or not. The cost of fake flowers that are good enough quality to achieve that, is often pricier than real flowers. Especially when real flowers can be done on basically any budget; free if willing to use garden or wild flowers to very pricey if looking for a top end event florist and luxurious floral installations.

    If you are drawn to fake flowers due to allergies, there are some flowers that are hypoallergenic and greenery is very on trend and beautiful.

    You can also dry or preserve real flowers but some flowers don't preserve well by all methods so fake flowers certainly do better for longevity. That said if you use perennial potted plants for décor they can be planted in your garden after to admire for years to come.

    Also if you do go rustic, real flowers usually fit the bill better as you can go for dainty fillers, wildflowers, potted plants, vintage or greenery which all look really effective.

    I'm sure whatever you pick will be beautiful though. Best of luck and enjoy your special day :)
    • AvaJ
      Getting married in 18 months
      Posted: Oct 8th 2021
    I recently saw a post online, when I was scrolling through Clintons Retail's website, about wedding flower preservation? So maybe you could limit the flowers and have them preserved and then use that as decor later
    Personally, real flowers for centre tables are pretty much unparalleled so I would go with that!
    • DrA
      Getting married in 11 months
      Posted: 20 hours ago
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