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Wedding Forum - Summer 2022- can't plan!...

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    • BBMam
      Getting married in 16 months
      Posted: Jan 11th 2021
    Are there any 2022 brides out there that are finding it really difficult to plan?

    We got engaged end of 2019, planned for summer 2022, postponed to 2024 as we wanted to try for (another) baby first but decided near the end of 2020 we infact did want to go ahead with 2022. With that we have only been able to see 1 venue so haven't even set a date yet. Starting to panic as we can't get out to see any venues as we are still in lockdown (Scotland) and i know of many brides understandably postponing their 2021 weddings to 2022- so i'm scared we won't get our preferred date or preferred venue.

    With no date i feel like i can't book photographers, florists, etc.

    Also struggling to choose bridesmaids!
    • JoW864
      Getting married in 11 months
      Posted: 6 days ago
    Exactly the same, thinking 10th Sep 2022, we think we have found somewhere but they wont hold the date without the £1k deposit. How can you commit to that without actually seeing the venue and room/grounds in person?
    Also, I just made a loose enquiry at my favourite florist and she's already booked that day!! now I am panicking!
    • WendyO64
      Getting married in 15 months
      Posted: 4 days ago
    Hi. I've booked our venue (May 2022) and had an online meeting with a photographer after loving his work on insta. I'm getting nervous about the dress though. Keen to get going with looking - although could do with losing a stone before trying some on so there's always a bright side i guess
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