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    • Moonpie
      Posted: Jul 10th 2014
    Hi everyone,

    We are getting married in July 2015. We have the church booked and have provisionally booked a venue without paying a deposit yet but I'm so confused over venues and keep going back and forward!! We are getting married in the place in Italy where I'm from. FI has been a number of times but due to his work schedule, he hasn't been able to come over since he proposed at the end of last year. This means I have been going over and looking at venues and things myself (well, with parents and bridesmaid but not him). Usually I would have no problem choosing something myself, but it's so hard making a decision for the two of us when he can't really base his opinion on anything other than photos and videos.

    In the town there are very few options of places to hold the reception as it's so small. There is really only one option in the town which is a hotel that I used to work for, it's lovely but we would need to get caterers in and hire in tables, chairs, etc because they wouldn't have enough. Also, if it rains there's not enough space inside to fit us all so if it rains (which it is over there right now) then we're screwed. There is another place, which is a hotel which closed down but someone has recently hired it out from teh owners and has been using it for music concerts and arts exhibitions. It is lovely but the owner is still trying to sell it, a lot of people in the town are very vary of the guy who has hired it out as he was basically just a tourist from England who was on holiday and saw this place and decided to hire it out. He can't afford to buy it or fix it up properly but he has given it a lick of paint so while the rooms aren't habitable, the outside of it looks nice. This had originally been my first choice but the guy stopped replying to my emails when I asked him about price and it took 3 months for the guy who does his catering to get back to me with a menu so FI overruled that one as he thought it was too much of a risk and they could flake out.

    The other option is a 10 min drive out of town, so we would need to hire buses to take everyone. It's stunningly beautiful but is incredibly expensive and to be honest, although my parents are paying for the meal (we're paying for the rest), I hate the idea of them spending £90 a head on everyone (we will be having about 110 guests). The other thing about this place is that you are effectively paying for what it looks like outside, it has stunning views and grounds, but if it rains their indoor seating area isn't all that special, definitely not £90 a head special. I hate the thought of it raining and us spending that amount to be cooped up in there but if it doesn't rain then it would be spectacular and well worth the money.

    The third option is my favourite at the moment, but the most inconvenient. The place is outside, really quirky and incredible but they have an amazing indoor restaurant where we could go if it rained. It's much cheaper but I haven't tasted what the food is actually like yet but this place is just so unique that I know that none of my guests ever have or ever will go to a wedding like it. The issue with this place is that it's over an hour's drive away and I feel like I can't expect my guests to get a on a coach for that long, especially as a good number of them will already have travelled from the UK for the wedding.

    Anyone have any thoughts or ideas?
    • MrsCross2be
      Got married 6 years ago
      Posted: Jul 10th 2014
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    Hi, I think if its what you really want then go with the third option. I think that people will go along with it - if they are already willing to go all that way already what is one more hour on a coach especially if it is all organised by you.
    Could you get married in the Church on one day and then have a blessing at this other place the day after? Tell guests about your original ceremony when you invite them to the main reception and leave it up to them? Maybe you could just put on a small drinks reception after the ceremony you have your heart set on in the Church?

    I think the third option definitely sounds the best whatever you decide - you have to love your venue.
    • Moonpie
      Posted: Jul 11th 2014
    FI and I had another idea so would love to hear what you think. Basically option 3 is like a carnival place so there are quirky old rides and things so would be really good fun and great for the kids. We thought, what if we went from the church to our option 3 venue in the morning/lunchtime, had our meal there, fun and games round the carnival bit then got the bus back to our hometown for maybe like 8-9, the bus could take us to option 1 hotel that I used to work at, and the party could continue with drinks, bands etc and some wee bites brought out later on? There is still going to be the 1 hour bus ride each way but then people could leave as and when they're ready rather than having to wait for the bus to take them back at the very end of the night.
    • WelshBrideBethan2015
      Got married 5 years ago
      Posted: Jul 11th 2014
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    I think you sound sold on the 3rd option :) What you mentioned about bus back 8-9 if it's within budget why not ? :)

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