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    • madison_uk
      Got married 7 years ago
      Posted: Jul 24th 2012
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    hi were not allowed confetti at the church but are allowed anything that disappears if you know what I mean, don,t want bubbles so was thinking of artificial snow have had a look online and have found the stuff you add water too which I'm using on table centres at the reception but its too clumpy for throwing I've tried it, seen some that is ready made but not sure what it is, anyone got any ideas where I can look?

    • UKBride Editor
      CommentAuthorUKBride Editor
      Getting married in 6 years
      Posted: Aug 23rd 2012
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    If you have any unique wedding confetti ideas share them.

    Get ideas from our confetti article:

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    Rob Davis
    UKbride Editor

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