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    • Natasha281
      Getting married in 22 months
      Posted: Feb 7th 2021
    We have a very small budget so I was thinking of hiring a hall with a bar and decorate it. I was going to do an afternoon tea for guest during the day (just family 35 of us) and a bbq in the evening for family and friends. I was going to hire a bouncy castle and get some outdoor games, hire a photo booth and maybe a casino table.My mum said i can't do that because that's cheap but I can't see any other way of providing food for everyone as all venues seems to be over 7k just for food during the day. I told her I don't expect any wedding presents from anyone and I definitely won't be asking anyone for money as a present, i just want to have a nice day with friends and family. Its not the day I really want but I know we will never be able to afford a big white wedding. My sons are also autistic so I need to plan everything around them, if they don't cope with the day I will probably have to leave early and take them home. I thought my idea was a good compromise but now I just feel everyone will think it's rubbish. My question is, would you be happy to go to a wedding and have afternoon tea and bbq?
    • RebeccaS8542
      Getting married in 17 months
      Posted: 3 days ago
      Is poweruserBadgeBadge
    Absolutely! We had the same thoughts about budgeting, and we decided to ask our friends and actually what came back was exactly what we needed to hear. BBQs are relaxing and homely, and there will be something there for everyone - moreso than a sit down meal where they have more limited options. And nothing you do will be "cheap" - you are spending the day with the people you all love who are joining you to watch you get married, not just for eats. As long as you end the day being married and you all have a good time celebrating that together then it doesn't matter what exactly they are putting into their mouths!
    You can see you've put a lot of thought in to how you can entertain your guests and make sure you all have a good time! And anyone that knows you and your sons will know that you are doing what's best for them to ensure they enjoy the day as much as you, considering its the next step as a family for them to.
    We can't all afford the Ritz or a Scottish castle, but we can all afford what makes us happy and if I knew you were happy, a BBQ would be perfect if I were your guest!
    Lots of love and luck for your special day :)
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