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    • TaraR37
      Getting married in 18 months
      Posted: May 11th 2020
    Hi Everyone!!

    I am an Events Management student, currently creating my final project for uni, I am basing it on something quite personal to me, doing a business plan for my partners business which is an open farm park- but we are currently looking into the idea of creating a wedding venue to host farm themed weddings, the setting is absolutely beautiful with so many animals and amazing an amazing countryside view, so we are hoping there is a market of people who are interested in quirky, non-traditional venues and would love to have their big day here. But this is a long-term plan for us, at the minute we are just trying to gauge the level of interest, and for my uni project i have been doing some market research.

    I have created a very short questionnaire, and i thought, who better to target than Brides-to-be!!!!

    If anyone could take just a couple of minutes of their time to quickly fill it out i would be SO grateful!

    Thank you! xoxo

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