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    • OliviaP668
      Getting married in 4 months
      Posted: May 29th 2021
    Hi everyone!

    I didn’t know where to post this or who to talk to so I thought I’d try here.
    My original engagement ring is a UK size N. We hadn’t went to a jeweller to get it sized. We had a friend with multiple sized rings and that’s what fit best. I got engaged May 2020. I was around 180lbs and it was a tight fit but I could get it on. By October I had gained 20lbs and couldn’t put it on.
    We bought a temporary ring that is a US size 8 and it fit okay at the beginning. It was tight but I could get it on and off. Just couldn’t spin it easily (it took effort to twist it). We went to several jewellers to see if they could resize the original ring and both said my actual ring size was around a UK size R. The one woman asked if she could feel my hand. She said that it felt like water retention and that she’s felt a lot of hands and mine didn’t feel like just weight. She suggested going to the doctor because she’d hate to sell me a ring that is too big over something that could be fixed at the doctor.
    Since then I have lost ~10lbs. The original ring is still no where near fitting. The second ring just got to the point where I can twist it with ease. I also think it might be relevant that I’ve played piano most of my life and had quite slim fingers up until 2020.
    So I guess is this normal? Should I see a doc? Do I just need to lose weight? Or do I just need to accept that my fingers are bigger and get a new ring?
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