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Wedding Forum - Rant about my OWN family...

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    • LynseyB54
      Got married 21 months ago
      Posted: Apr 20th 2018
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    as i can literally count my family members on one hand, i really needed their support at this happy but stressful time. but no. my own mother is swanning off to benidorm for a week about two weeks for my big day (for context our wedding is in pisa for a week which we've only asked for contributions for), but the most annoying thing is that she said she couldnt afford to stay over for my hen do which is next weekend... my dad and i dont speak, its better for both of us, my little brother is traveling care free around oz and my big brother only seems to care about crashing our wedding party for the pool and kitchen use.
    so yes, feeling a little abandoned by my family members and not sure why i have to be the one to keep them in check. cant wait to change my name and leave them all to it. fed up of being the person ppl only come to for help doing something or as a sound board.

    There... rant over.
    • InDreamland
      Got married 6 years ago
      Posted: Apr 29th 2018
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    Are you expecting them or given them key roles and responsibilities for the big day? Or will they just really be guests?

    You may want to just keep them as regular guests and trust the important things to those you're closest to x

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    • LouiseS206
      Got married 10 months ago
      Posted: Nov 8th 2018
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    Someone said to me today. Your family are those who you choose to be around, the rest are just related to you.
    Enjoy your wedding day you're making a new family and can leave behind those who aren't.
    • LauraJ287
      Posted: Nov 15th 2018
    I'm having exactly the same with my family at the minute aswell :/ my family are very spiteful and I have very little if no support from them at all, can also count on one hand how many members I have. So I know your pain of trying to keep them in check. Just don't give them key roles as it sounds like they can't be relied upon to do them :/
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