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    • BexL48
      Getting married in 3 months
      Posted: Apr 29th 2019
    I’m sorry in advance for the length of this post but I really need some help!!
    I’ve been searching for a wedding venue for over a year now and still haven’t found “the one” – if such a thing even exists?? Am I just being fantastical about that?
    I don’t think I’m a fussy bride…I’m just an unprepared one so when I started venue hunting I really had no clue what I was actually looking for. I never thought I’d get married – nor ever wanted to before I met my hubby to be – it never even entered my mind what kind of wedding I’d like much less venue until his proposal last year. In a way that was great!! I was a completely open minded, with hardly any preconceived ideas and conceptions – except that I wanted it to feel special and personal - so the last year has actually been quite fun looking at all the different types of venues that are out there…and boy is there a lot!!!
    But now I’m starting to get frustrated and frazzled!! We don’t have a specific date or year in mind so again no rush or inflexibility but I just feel like I’m never going to find a venue  I’m getting really fed up of looking and the fun is just draining away from our little advenue-enture we’ve been having. I thought I’d struggle to decide between a few but instead I’d feel like I’d be settling if I went for any I’ve seen so far rather than loving it. Maybe I won’t “fall in love with somewhere”…does that happen or am I being a bit fantastical about that?? Either way now I just really want to move on with the planning and start all the other fun bits like dress hunting, music picking, asking groomsmen and bridesmaids and of course…menu tasting!!!
    One good thing about looking at so much for so long is we have managed to narrow down our ideas which, to be honest, I think are still fairly open ended and are mostly flexible so shouldn’t restrict us too much.
    So here’s our ideas (marked essential, ideal and nice to haves) – literally any thoughts, recommendations, ideas would be really really appreciated!
    • Minimum 60 (Essential)
    • Maximum 85 (Ideal)

    Location: (Anywhere in)
    • Wales (preferably West, Mid or South Wales)
    • Herefordshire
    • Shropshire
    • Worchester
    • Gloucestershire

    • Modern barn - not too farmery or rustic (Ideal)
    • Beams or other structure to hang overhead decorations in reception area (Essential)
    • Single space / open plan reception area i.e. I don’t want the bar in one room and dancing in another room completely separated from one another. As we’re such a small wedding we want to keep everyone together or it will feel disjointed. (Essential)
    • Weekend weddings (Ideal)
    • Laid back / informal style (N2H)
    • Open to modern marquees and tipis for reception / evening

    • Accommodation for 16+ onsite (Ideal)
    • Accommodation for bridal party the night before (ideal) or a bridal party preparation area (Essential if no accommodation the night before)

    • Flexible catering / menu options. This could be options of preferred suppliers, pick you own caterers or in house caterers who will work with you to develop a wedding breakfast and evening choice. I don’t want to be restricted to “four canapes, three courses and a buffet at 7pm” so to speak. (Essential)

    • No corkage charge (N2H)
    • Paid bar (Ideal)
    • Flexible toast drink (Essential)

    Really really don’t like;
    • Stuffy old houses
    • Sunday dinner type inflexible, unimaginative menus
    • Old fashioned Marquees
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