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    • sALLY
      Posted: Aug 18th 2014
    Hi i have my dress and when i tried it on i didnt have a petticoat or anything under it but im now think ing i want it to stick out more at the bottom you think i should get one its an A line dress or would it show around my hips i have one under? im confussed

    • AmyN135
      Got married 5 years ago
      Posted: Aug 18th 2014
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    There are varous petticoats or underskirts you can get to add under any dress to make it whatever shape you'd like. Go back to the shop you bought it from and ask to try it on with whatever slips, e.t.c. they have. They aren't that expensive to buy but most bridal stores include it in the price or throw it in for next to nothing :-) x
    • CommentAuthorMidgetGem89
      Posted: Aug 18th 2014
    the one im getting is very thing the part that goes onto your body.. its just a bit of a mermaid underskirt judt to push the bottom out away from my legs has done the trick and gave my skirt an even better look and shape!... it was 35 to hire or 45 to buy lol! was silly to argue with £10 to have a brand new crisp white one rather than a few times worn one which for all would be cleaned wouldnt have the newness or new full shape to it x

    my dress is the romantica monte carlo it doesnt need one but to keep it off my legs i felt it was needed. bt as i said changed the shape and look n i liked it even more x
    • CommentAuthorMidgetGem89
      Posted: Aug 18th 2014
    very thin***
    • Elinor Claire
      CommentAuthorElinor Claire
      Got married 6 years ago
      Posted: Aug 18th 2014
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    You need to ask the shop when you go for a fitting to try it with and without a petticoat. Then you can see what you prefer. There are different types to try too.

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