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    • NatalieG131
      CommentAuthorNatalieG131Getting married in 8 months
      CommentTimeNov 11th 2017
    Hi everyone,

    I'm a newbie and this is my first post. I got engaged in September 2017 in Australia and we have set the date at a beautiful venue for June 2019! I haven't told many people yet, as it seems too early to send out Save The Dates quite yet, however the people that I have told have all had their opinions..."Isn't that a bit far?", "Did you look at the venue down the road from me?", "Why did you choose a Saturday?"

    It's overwhelming enough planning everything without people adding their own negative thoughts into the mix! I must admit, I haven't really enjoyed too much of the planning so far. Is it just me or is this something that all brides go through?

    • InDreamland
      CommentAuthorInDreamlandGot married 5 years ago
      CommentTimeNov 13th 2017
    Hi Natalie.
    Firstly welcome to UKB. Secondly, welcome to wedding planning. I don't know many brides who didn't experience what you describe. Best thing to do is ignore those people. Whose wedding is it? Just remember, if it's what you and your OH want then noone else has a say. Amazing how everyone thinks they own someone else's wedding.
    Enjoy planning and the ladies here are great at giving you the support you need x

    Married the love of my life on Saturday 11th May 2013 xxx
    Had our dream perfect honeymoon in Hawaii!

    • StaceyH989
      CommentAuthorStaceyH989Got married 4 months ago
      CommentTimeNov 13th 2017
    Hi Natalie,

    Congratulations on your engagement and welcome to the world of wedding planning. Everyone will have an opinion and think they can tell you what to do because its a wedding unfortunately that is what people get like. As IDL has said above the day is about you and your OH getting married and everyone will need to remember that.

    My advice to you would be don't try and people please everyone it won't work and will only cause you more stress. We are all here if you need us :)
    • Emily17
      CommentAuthorEmily17Got married 12 months ago
      CommentTimeNov 13th 2017
    Nope we had that. Why October? Do I really have to go to a church? I know you have booked X but my sisters, friends, dogs flea does the same thing for £10 (slight exaggeration on the last one haha!)

    You need to remember that the day needs to be what you and your OH want. Don't worry about pleasing everyone else. Trying to get things that you both like can be hard enough sometimes so adding 50 other people into the mix is something else. You will never please everyone. There will always be someone who doesn't like the DJ you have chosen. Or someone who doesn't like your pudding but on the day all that will matter is that you and your OH love each other and have a brilliant day! :)

    One thing to help with the stress is the girls on here. Whenever have a query or uncertainty you can get reassurance and advice :)

    Met in 2009
    He proposed Jan 2014
    Will become Mrs P 7th October 2017
    • Lesley0401
      CommentAuthorLesley0401Got married 10 months ago
      CommentTimeNov 13th 2017
    Congratulations Natalie,

    I agree with the ladies above, I had one friend that said we are lucky we haven't split up over the decisions we made, thought that was a bit out of order to be honest as we both want the same thing out of our wedding! I also found if you ask anyone's opinion they tend to be in two minds, 'oh its your wedding you decide' or you get what they did - not really what you are looking for.

    I have found the ladies on here to be amazing, a massive support and sometimes it is nice to get something off your chest.

    I am getting married abroad and decided we didn't want kids there - in my OH's family the world revolves around them and for the day I want it to be about my OH - for my family it will be about me regardless. The amount of questions we got and complaints about it being away is unbelievable. From the start we have said anybody that can't make it we understand but they all said yes and would not stop complaining! I have taken it all with a pinch of salt and that is the best way to be.

    I hope you start enjoying the planning, it is your big day and it should be whatever you both want it to be xx

    The future Mrs Perry

    • Glitterfairy
      CommentAuthorGlitterfairyGot married 6 years ago
      CommentTimeNov 14th 2017
    Hiya Natalie and welcome to the site. I hope you end up having some fun planning your wedding. Ignore what other people say, you always hear the negatives, people seem to find it so easy in no matter what it is, to be negative instead of positive. Why people cannot just say to you, oh that sounds lovely, it's your wedding day and you do what you want to do.

    Just ignore them and enjoy planning your special day,

    Our wedding day - 6 October 2012

    • LaurenK103
      CommentTimeNov 14th 2017
    Hi Natalie,

    We have had exactly the same.

    We have booked our venue but took our parents to see it on Saturday but they are unaware yet that that is where we will be getting married.

    It is about 15 minutes from my house and we love it. Also went to a wedding there in September and really liked it then too.

    My mum had told my grandparents and auntie and uncle about it and all they keep saying is 'it is a bit far' (they live about 45 minutes away), 'are you only choosing it because it is cheaper', 'why a Friday?', 'If it snows no one will get there because it is in the middle of no where' and the list goes on.

    I still haven't told them that we have booked the venue but it has really put a downer on things. I will when I tell them we have booked it that if they don't like it they can not attend if that is what they really want. I couldn't care less if it was a car park in the freezing cold it is more about me marrying my fiancé.

    Hope you start to feel better about it soon. xx

    Boyfriend - 7th February 2010
    Fiancé - 31st January 2015
    Husband - 7th February 2020
    • Elinor Claire
      CommentAuthorElinor ClaireGot married 4 years ago
      CommentTimeNov 14th 2017
    Hello Natalie, welcome to the forum. Like the others have said, just plan the perfect day for you and your OH. We didn’t have too many problems, but occasionally people did question what we were doing. All you can do is make that you feel that you’re going to have the perfect day. You’ll always find people here who will help without judging or pushing you in a particular direction.

    30th August 2014 was the best birthday ever.
    It was the day that I became Mrs. Dixon.

    • Rhi
      CommentAuthorRhiGetting married in 18 months
      CommentTimeNov 15th 2017
    Oh, this is normal haha.

    I have pretty much decided on a venue in another town, but only 30 mins drive away, when even if i drive from one side of town to the other it can take more than 30 minutes.

    So pfft, i'll have my wedding wherever, up to you if you want to make the effort and come.

    & Also a Saturday haha, but at the end of the day, its my wedding not theirs.

    Boyfriend - 16th May 2010
    Fiance - 20th August 2017
    Husband - 16th May 2020
    Can't wait to marry my best friend.
    • SusanC98
      CommentAuthorSusanC98Got married 3 months ago
      CommentTimeNov 18th 2017
    So sorry you are having such negativity. It was like that first time around for me and in the end all I chose was my dress and the bridesmaids dress with the bouquets. Mum took it all over and I was young and let her. This has made me realise how lucky I am second time around as I am older as are all our friends and they are really positive about everything we want to do and offers of help abound.

    Ignore what people comment negatively ... they will come and they will enjoy it. If they don't then that is their loss.

    • GeorginaD78
      CommentTimeNov 30th 2017
    Welcome and congratulations on your up coming wedding...

    I have been engaged almost 3 years and have just booked my wedding in July 2019, all I can say is weddings are soo expensive so you need time to save for it and be able to afford everything else in your personal life as well as anything unaccounted for.

    The only person that knows I've booked my wedding apart from my h2b and my mum.

    Don't let anyone get you down, enjoy the planning and if people are not being supportive don't tell them anything yet lol.

    Happy planning and congratulations again x
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