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Wedding Forum - October 2014 brides??...

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    • CommentAuthorFranM76
      Posted: May 15th 2014
    We're getting married on 18th October this year - anyone else in October this year? What stages are you at? I feel a bit useless at the moment as there's not a great deal I can do until nearer the time.....
    • Stinky87
      Posted: May 15th 2014
    im getting married on 4th october.

    im pretty much organised as im quite a OCD person but still feel like i have loads of little things to do.
    so far i have
    - chruch booked
    - reception booked
    - menu choices for day done
    - flowers ordered
    - table numbers
    - cake and grooms cake ordered
    - dj / toastmaster booked
    - rings made and paid for
    - honeymoon booked
    - wedding insurance booked
    - centrepieces/ chair covers ordered
    - dress/ shoes/ veil/ jewlary done for me

    i still have
    - bridesmaid/ flower girl dresses
    - suits
    - place names
    - table plan
    - favours
    - evening/ childrens menu choices
    - finishing touches

    it seems alot but you will get there i did DIY invites which i was pleased with and saved me loads.
    • Stinky87
      Posted: May 15th 2014
    oh and i still have weight too lose whch is the scariest thing yet!
    • CommentAuthorFranM76
      Posted: May 15th 2014
    So far I have:
    Booked registry office and reception venue
    Rings bought and paid for
    Dress bought
    Shoes bought
    BM dresses bought
    Flowers ordered
    Honeymoon booked
    Invites gone out (just)
    Favours bought and paid for
    Car sorted
    Gifts for BM's bought and paid for

    Still need to:
    Sort mens/boys suits (although the men can do that!!)
    Room decs need sorting (in process)
    No sit down meal so no seating plan required
    Book hair/nails/general girly pampering stuff
    Groom survival kit needs finishing (part bought - need a few more bits)

    Anything else??? Oh and Im with you on the losing weight bit - but so far it's going well :-) xx
    • MiriamF1
      Got married 6 years ago
      Posted: May 16th 2014
      Just marriedBadgeBadge
    I'm October 4th :) We've been ridiculously organised here's where we are at

    - Church booked...hymns, readings and music chosen
    - Reception venue booked...includes dj, table decorations, chair covers so nice and easy there
    - Transport
    - Favours
    - Wedding dress, veil, shoes and shrug
    - Bridesmaids dresses
    - Ushers outfits ordered
    - Makeup trial done and booked for the day
    - Photographer booked...engagement shoot in July to look forward to
    - Bouquets made for me and 3 bridesmaids
    - Buttonholes made for men
    - Cake sorted...mum is making it
    - BM/Ushers gifts bought
    - Rings ordered
    - Invitations made and sent
    - Seating plan done, needs finalising once final rsvp's come in
    - Mini-moon booked
    - First dance chosen and dance lessons have started

    Still to do:
    - Make seating plan and table numbers
    - Hair trial for me and BM's
    - Make 1 more bridesmaids bouquet and 4 more corsages for women
    - Save for foreign honeymoon next year :)
    - Book treat for groom morning of wedding and finish making his gift
    - Remember how to do first dance!

    Seems like this year is going by so slowly, am kind of wishing we'd left more to do haha x
    • CommentAuthorFranM76
      Posted: May 16th 2014
    Oooh I'd love to have dance lessons - swaying from side to side in each others arms is all very dull and boring!!! xx
    • Showgirl
      Got married 6 years ago
      Posted: May 16th 2014
    I'm getting married on the 23rd October and it feels like I still have everything to organise... the little things are sorted its just the hair/makeup, photographer and rings left to buy, oh and the flowers but we're doing these ourselves.
    • MiriamF1
      Got married 6 years ago
      Posted: May 17th 2014
      Just marriedBadgeBadge
    Fran you should totally do so much fun and almost like a date night when we go to the lesson! Plus then practicing time at home, something really fun to do with H2B and its our little secret as we're not telling anyone just in case it all goes to hell on the day and we can't remember the steps haha x
    • Stinky87
      Posted: May 19th 2014
    i love the idea of dance lessons however i am only doing about a minute before i invite voulples out to join us as i really hate being the centre of attention!

    i feel like the year is rushing past me and i dont know how i will get all the little things done in time or rememeber them! its surprising as soon as you think its all sorted something comes along you werent expexting. i was forgetting the honemoon insurance!
    • CommentAuthorFranM76
      Posted: May 19th 2014
    Yep, Im going to look into it now!!! ;-) xx
    • MiriamF1
      Got married 6 years ago
      Posted: May 20th 2014
      Just marriedBadgeBadge
    Ooh yay exciting!
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