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Wedding Forum - Not Reciprocating bridesmaid duties...

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    • CommentAuthorTashC77
      Posted: Dec 20th 2019
    Hi everyone, I am in need of some serious advice please. I am stuck choosing my bridesmaids as my partner proposed and we are planning a wedding for the start of March 2021.
    There is a bit of a back story so please bare with me...
    My fiancee and I are only wanting a small wedding party (2 each) and I want my sister as MOH and 1 friend as bridesmaid.

    I have a friend (friend A) who got engaged first and is getting married at the end of April 2021.. on my birthday of all days, and I am one of her 3 bridesmaids.
    I have another friend (friend B) who got engaged 2nd and is getting Married in December 2020 (I am her MOH, along with 3 other bridesmaids. Friend A is also a bridesmaid in this wedding, and the other 2 bridesmaids live in another country, so I feel like that is the only reason I was made MOH instead of bridesmaid).

    Am I a terrible person for not having friend A or B in my wedding party, considering our weddings will all be within 6 months of each other?
    The friend I am wanting to have as a bridesmaid is from a completely different circle of friends and we are that close that she has become extended family.
    I feel terrible about not having friend A and B as we have been friends for many years, but at the same time we are only wanting to have a small wedding party.
    Am I making a mistake?
    • Itsjustkay86
      Got married 1 month ago
      Posted: Jan 13th 2020
      Just marriedBadgeBadge
    No you aren't making a mistake. Just because you're someones bridesmaid doesn't mean they have to be yours.

    They should understand that you want a small wedding party. Unfortunately I didn't learn how to do things only for me until about a month ago. I'm 5 bridesmaids, 2 flowergirls and 4 groomsman deep now and honestly wish i didn't have any!! lol
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