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Wedding Forum - My dad doesn't care in the slightest....

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    • KerryM1947
      Getting married in 3 months
      Posted: Dec 18th 2020
    I've never been close to my dad because... I don't know where to start! Basically, he's not a good father and has never shown that he cares about me. We don't speak much, he's never made much effort ever since I was born. Anyway, I decided to meet him for the first time in a year, I thought he might be interested in my wedding. What a mistake. Whenever I tried to talk about the wedding, he'd change the subject every time and he barely listened to me. He didn't want to know. And when my mum asked him if he'd like to give me away, his response was "I don't know". He just made me feel like sh*t so now I don't want him there at all. Is anyone else's dad like this?
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