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Wedding Forum - Modern venue with shabby chic decor- will...

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    • Blushingbride2b
      Posted: Oct 24th 2015
    I'm new to the site, hoping for some advice please fellow brides. We got engaged in feb and saw a venue we really liked close to home a couple of months later so have booked for August 16. The more we plan the little details, the more I'm finding that we've chosen rustic/ shabby chic decor (centre pieces, etc) I'm panicking because the venue is more 'stylish' and I'm worried that our ideas won't tie in easily. Has anyone else had this worry/ know anyone who has? It feels like I should be having candelabras and roses when I've fallen in love with wild flowers and milk jugs with vintage books on the side.
    Please help!!!
    • Glitterfairy
      Got married 8 years ago
      Posted: Oct 24th 2015
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    Do you have any pictures you can put on your profile of the venue, that way we get a better idea of whether it will go or not.

    As there is already another thread regarding this, I shall close this one down, if you could use that one in future please.

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